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Those Who Are Not Aware Of Instinct Perish

Proof is all around us we are not so smart after all

All other life forms on earth have much more intelligence then we do.

Hard to accept as our emotional filters of life events is the thickest form of blindfold.

Learn from other life forms or not choice is yours.

At a public pond that was quite shallow I observed a fish stranded upon some rocks and it was in a lot of distress.

The impulse to aid the fish off the rocks also came with a very clear do not do that.

And shortly there after along came this turtle, who swam up to the fish, grabbed it by the tail and pulled in back into open water. Then just swam away.

If I can understand what energy the fish was sending, so could the turtle.

What is right in front of us and most of us ignore is the communication I call cellular and is a language that all organic life

participates in constantly, is understood by all and yet we pretend its just not there.

Who has not seen the video of a bear that saves a crow out of the water.

Lioness's adopt the babies of their prey. And defend them to the death from their own pride.

Every form of organic life is not possible to exist with out the separate physiological intelligence we refer to as instinct.

And yet we pretend it's not there.

Cellular communications are constant ongoing back and forth in the maintenance of our health , our bodies are  3 trillion participants all on one conference call that never ends.

And yet we pretend it's not there.

Think about this. In 2004 300,000 human lives were lost. Not one animal lost its life that was free to move.

Not one animal,  ponder that, and then ask your self, just who is more intelligent.

This event called tsunami  is not new to us. We just pretend the truths we already know are not there.

The disturbing part to me is that we go right back and build again what is obviously going to be destroyed again.

We move right back to living on the beach where our friends and family lost their lives.

That is  belligerent self imposed blindness.

Hard to accept as our emotional filters of life events is the thickest form of blindfold.

All life forms except human live by their instinct or they know, they will perish.

All information of what has been and what will be is all around us all the time.

We merely have to decide to listen

in conclusion and never the end, tip's hat

Everything is sounds. Most our ears cannot hear.

Those Who Are Not Aware Of Instinct Perish

Kevin Baker Feb 8, 2020 · #9

#8 What war? @Fay Vietmeier

Fay Vietmeier Feb 8, 2020 · #8

@Kevin Baker
Oh my "hat tipping" friend ...
Blindness abounds ... I speak in the spiritual
"hard to accept as our emotional filters of life events is the thickest form of blindfold.
"Everything is sounds. Most our ears cannot hear." ... you are in the forest but you're missing the trees
Jesus admonished: "He who has eyes let him see ... he who has ears let him hear"
The war is spiritual

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Cyndi wilkins Feb 7, 2020 · #7

#5 Ahhh...You hit the magic nail right on the noggin'....AWARENESS;-)

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Kevin Baker Feb 7, 2020 · #5

#2 Not that they know more, they are just aware of instinct. We know, we choose to ignore @Cyndi wilkins

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Pascal Derrien Feb 6, 2020 · #4


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Humans make everything complicated! Animals don't.

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Cyndi wilkins Feb 6, 2020 · #2

Yes, this reminds me of the event in Indonesia in 2005, with Sri Lanka suffering the worst of the casualties. I remember reading an article about how many of the tourists observed all the crabs crawling up the beach heading for higher ground along with many of those indigenous to the area...I once commented to a woman in conversation about an approaching storm to 'watch the animals'...They'll let you know if it will be a bad one...She laughed at me and poked fun with all those around us saying, "She thinks animals know more than we do!" Everyone looked back at her and said, "SHE"S RIGHT!".

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