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Time Is An Illusion Your Presence Is Your Intentions

Disclaimer: My perceptions of my intentions will vary from your interpretations of my intentions as you only have your self to compare.

The term PRESENT as an Adjective

Definition of present

1 : now existing or in progress

So which is it? A definition by the definition of the word definition is the intention to define it.

That is hilarious

There are millions of examples of how we have tried to understand the present.

None of them are, or will ever be accurate.

Because the present does not exist.

And yet I concur with the definition as previously stated.

The present is in parts of the past and our desire of the future.

Response: your out of your mind I know I am present. 

Oh really, is that so, however,  what if I can prove that you are not by the very science that you perceive to be the proof that you are.

Quote from Sleep Is The Biggest Clue To  Awareness


Our brain can go from ,,,lets keep this simple... 0 megahertz to ... infinity, be careful though, if you go to high and stay there , just like the resonance of an opera singer to the crystal glass, you will explode


We are vibrating so fast we appear still. If you were to raise your megahertz to the point of actually being still..... you explode. Yes I can prove that, any volunteers?        That is funny

We measure time by the time that has already happened, we can predict the future with the duration of a second that we have deduced by the analysis of the past.

We you I nor any other entity can measure the present.

Time is defined by light and sound.

If you could not see it, or hear it it does not exist.

Light is the result of a sound, the result, not the cause. Photons are the result of a sound.

And IF you bend light enough it stops.

Our presence is the ongoing ever changing intentions of what we desire in the future based upon our conclusions from memories of the past.

Here is your proof.

What is the speed of light, we don't know however we perceive it to be constant.

So if it takes millions of years for the light of a distant star to reach us to actually see, is it in the present?

No it is not.

Lets bring this up close , really close.

When a person is talking to you, how long does it take for you to hear it? .0001 milliseconds?

So by the measuring of that time, what they said and you actually hearing it, confirms it is already in the past.

When another person touches you, how long does it take for your mind to be aware of it? .00000001milliseconds.

What is the time measurement of instantaneous?   .0000000000000000000000000001 milliseconds.

The measurement of instantaneous. Does not exist.

Lets bring that even closer. So close you cannot visually see it.

Your reading this, and this takes place with in your mind.

How long does it take for you to read. .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 nanoseconds

Because the present does not exist.

In the video below, the only statement that is congruent is we don't know.

In conclusion and never the end, tip's hat

Your Presence Is Your Intentions

Time Is An Illusion Your Presence Is Your Intentions

Kevin Baker 1 d ago · #17

#16 President Truman. yes he did say that and many more visionary suggestions that would be wonderful if they were heard.

The lens of the present displays an image of the future that we can see. That statement cannot be ignored.

Would love to read , The World According To Harvey.

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Harvey Lloyd 2 d ago · #16

#15 I know i find myself doing that a lot more often. My true thoughts of the present are a little less circular. The present is a lens that we can only see the device, not what it means. The lens of the present displays an image of the future that we can see. We adjust our present lens until the future becomes what we think it should be. The past teaches us that the future we bring into focus is merely a possible outcome.

The lens can channel the past, those we experience life with and our experiences. So we cant merely adjust the focus of the lens, we also have to be discerning in what is let through. What and who is helping within this discernment is the challenge.

I believe it was President Truman that stated the knowledge that lead us into the problem will not lead us out, we need new knowledge. In this thought he is discerning what goes through the lens. But he also states that he doesn't have this knowledge he has to get it from somewhere else. Yet he will be the one that chooses the new knowledge allowed through the lens.

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Kevin Baker 3 d ago · #15

#14 Now I am laughing at myself, thank you @Harvey Lloyd

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Harvey Lloyd 3 d ago · #14

#12 Was only attempting to keep the circular discussion going in the circle. This was my intention. Your point is well taken.

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John Rylance 3 d ago · #13

Time present is transitory. Time past is permanently etched into our minds. Time future is waiting for us to mould momentarily into Time present and stow away in Time past. So we roll along in the Circle of Life/Time either in the tick tocking  analogue or silent clicking digital.

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Kevin Baker 3 d ago · #12

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Harvey Lloyd 3 d ago · #11

#9 Beautiful Post!

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Harvey Lloyd 3 d ago · #10

#9 If the future is what the present is seeking, then we must consider variables, outcomes and the place we want the future to be. So my question is "who" is sorting you in the present?

maybe we follow our politics to define our future?
Maybe we follow a little more eastern thought?
Maybe we follow our "Heart"? Think this is why the post showed up.
Maybe we follow our heroes, social, professional, hollywood?

Whatever the choice the present will be your future. Choose wisely

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