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To Be Heard By Listening

Listening and hearing are two different words for good reason. Being heard and being understood is rarely congruent. Vulnerability shared  might begat vulnerability responses, usually it brings disjointed misdirection derived from "Awkward"

Anomalous Communications

Definition of anomalous

1 : inconsistent with or deviating from what is usual, normal, or expected : irregular, unusual
  • Researchers could not explain the anomalous test results.
2 a : of uncertain nature or classification
  • an anomalous figure in the world of politics
b : marked by incongruity or contradiction : paradoxical

Dialog is achieved by the mutual conclusion of not only being heard but being understood.

What you live through and expel is the healthy exchange we participate in through out our lives. Healthy aura's are constantly expelling and renewing at a rapid rate. When we allow outside influences that are negative build up in us and not expel or pass on to others, this practice looks like the right thing to do in theory however in practice most confuse what appears to be right and end up doing what is not healthy for the self. 

When confronted with unexpected vulnerability, the knee jerk response is anger for being put in a paradox of heavy responsibility to respond in kind.

Why did you just do that. Now I have to be vulnerable back and I am not prepared.

The road to success is not a cul-de-sac. More can be continued in dialog if you respond in balance with humanness.

Can you hear a plant when it needs water? Can you hear a plant when it craves trace elements? Of course you can, we are usually not listening as this deviates from what is acceptable behavior.

They made me feel ? I did not want to feel anything, all I wanted was some light hearted entertainment.

Empathy is the foundation of our interpersonal skill, listening. If there is no empathy, nothing is heard.

When you share information, do you know how it is going to be received before you say it? Of course you do.

Animals talk to us, by tone, actions, and especially by vulnerability depicted through their eyes.

BARK BARK, = I have no idea. BARK BARK while looking at the door = time for a walk.

The details are only perceived by effort to envision our selves as the receiver of information. The more empathy you convey the larger scope of understood perception is to be expected.

So do you BARK at your audience or do you mesmerize them with enchanting unexpected vulnerability.

Does not matter who starts a dialog. Both the sender and the receiver are both the audience.

2017 brought me to the full understanding to know the difference between powerful and power.

This understanding comes from you, the audience in your comments and intended perception responses.

I'm listening

So huge thank you to everyone who responds.

In conclusion and never the end

Perception of intentions is powerful

Intentions of perceptions is power.

To Be Heard By Listening

Great Buzz. When I hear "Bark, Bark, Bark." This just means. NEXT.
I love to share my message and stories. Yet, not everyone wants to listen.

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