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Visions Of Possibility

We have all heard the acronyms of perception. If you can imagine, it is possible. This is the most powerful operand conditioning. What if our imagination is crippled by tunnel vision?

Visible spectrum 

The minds eye has the capacity to see 360X360X360.

Camera's can see 360, limited by only the fact that what it captures has to have a lens.

The minds eye does not require a lens.

We are taught to inhibit our selves by our own belief's.

2d, 3d, and now 4d imagery is emerging to the common collective consciousness.

Surely we can consider,  0d, infinite dimensions.

The popular 360 manipulations. Open your business to the whole of visual possibility.

And we believe it.

If we can't see it, it does not exist, or does it.

The possibilities of business is limited by the acceptance of the consumer. If the consumer does not accept it does not sell. Elementary economics.

If we were to go from using 10% of our minds to 100% what do you think might happen?

Consider that we used to have that capacity.

The human mind is only limited by what the mind can consider.

I can't do that = no you can't.

What if = infinite possibility.

We read, watch tv, write, draw, sculpture etc, this all equates to escape therapy.

So let's escape from the self imposed chains that we as a species are capable of being of one mind.

The Neanderthal had no language. Yet as one thought so did they all know.

The Eskimo has no written language yet know more about how to survive the arctic environment then all the scientists combined.

Anomalies are soon to become the norm. Evolution and physiology , the intelligence of life, is an intelligence we are not quite capable of discerning.

If your not like me I do not accept you, is the human self imposed prison.

Time to break out and create the real freedom we all wish we had.

In conclusion and never the end, tip's hat.

Once you consider that every thing we are taught is the constraints we accept.

The possibility of evolving can spark in renewal

Visions Of Possibility

Numo Quest 12/1/2018 · #6

Great publish Kevin. How about the simple KNOWledge that everything one can see, touch, smell, eat, drink, is the result of an (wo)man made image first before coming to tangible realization. Awesome together with this shared vision. :O)

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Great share, thanks for your short post with lots of concepts we need to be conscious...

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Lada 🏡 Prkic 11/1/2018 · #4

Short post with many thoughts to think about. One that caught my eye is about escaping therapy. You're completely right. Watching good movie can be therapeutic. So is with reading books that is, besides watching movies, my favourite therapy. :)

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Pascal Derrien 11/1/2018 · #3

As always, short , snappy and informative :-) I don't always comment but I read them :-)

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Kevin Baker 11/1/2018 · #2

#1 is my website

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CityVP 🐝 Manjit 11/1/2018 · #1

Highly creative. Love the combination of the words human aura. Great close to well laid out thoughts a.k.a.
"Once you consider that every thing we are taught is the constraints we accept. The possibility of evolving can spark in renewal"

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