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Whats Holding You Back From Living Is In The Mirror

What is your communication level Defined by volume processing and interpersonal output

Culdasec? Stay within a tight circle and offer only superficially contributions

Street? Open to only who you know know. Rarely admitting any feelings Neighborhood? Curious but not open to strangers. Speak about feelings you cannot contain

City? Open to strangers with distrustful vigilance. Express judgement feelings openly

Highway? Look to encounter many through voice but never touch. Enjoy instigating controversy and still no vulnerability unless cornered

Interstate? Actively engage into other groups of any kind. Share vulnerability raw which gives you the advantages.

If you not getting where you want to go try shifting gears

New perceptions of old ideas

None of them will work

Using the same tools of awareness that created the problem just creates different versions of the same problem

Taking a different version of the same path still ends up in the same destination

New tools are required to create new results 

You are the tool box, and your new tools are a new you

Physiology is the scientific study of the functions and mechanisms which work within a living system. 

You are a living system

Your programmable and adaptable

Instinct is not taught anywhere in the world, not even in your own home.

We are taught for thousands of years to ignore this and sell our self that our advanced brains no longer need it.

We are so emotionally attached to this myth.

It is an anomaly that of the two main reasons we exist today is not common knowledge.

There is a lot of research that talks about talking about it, but know where can you find any explaination of any kind.

We say it, look at it, point at it, then dismiss it because we don't understand.

Our instinct I would think is the science issue in the history of humanity.

What could be the reason why it is not.

Without instinct we would not have developed our brain, would not have existed past a few if any generations.

We would not exist at all. 


Whats Holding You Back From Living Is In The Mirror

Greg Rolfe Mar 11, 2020 · #1

Interesting Kevin. I will have to ponder a part of it. Thank you.