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Employee Image was Sales Rep to a few - Now It's Social Media Marketing to Worldwide View - by Kevin Douglas Berg

Employee Image was Sales Rep to a few - Now It's Social Media Marketing to Worldwide View - by Kevin Douglas Berg

I came be writing this article by a recent graduate in Communications asked how she "can get 'into' Social Media Arena?" on my LinkedIn feed. One of the responses was, "Welcome, you are in now." I am going to go so further as saying the old mantra of when working for any company "You are all in sales in a company" transcends to here and now being "we are all Social Media Marketing" for that company." The times have changed and what is seen as a person just being part of the firm, now comes to becoming the Social Media Marketing arm of that firm.

When working at any company, it was assumed that as representing that company in any form or function, you were actually the sales person for them as well. Why do you ask? Because the brand is you, and the employee is 'selling' the company, no matter if it was indirect, let's say in service, customer support, shipping, receiving, and of course directly in a marketing/sales roles.

Now, when we are all Social Media Marketing for the brand we are under. Why do I say this, because in the past it was said if you do a good job, people will tell 5 people, but if you do a bad job, that person would tell 20 or so people. Now with technology and repeats, likes, responses, blogging, and the like, it is just about limitless in frequency and presence. The every present technology that we have in our hands, at the whim of our disposal, we can lay blame, praise, suggest and discover solutions that only 50 years ago would have seen as being a nothing more than a 'pipe dream.'

Right or wrong, the customer can have a say, the employee can have a say and the public at large can view what actions are taken even if the customer or client was completely off base. Sales are now Social Media Marketing and anyone that represents any firm can be involved or just watch as a spectator.

If a person in the shipping and receiving departments is less than customer friendly, as being a Social Media Marketing representative of the product being bought or returned can have detrimental effects. If a person that is a Global position tweets something that in no way represents how the brand feels, it can have financial implications with boycotts and the like.

All employees have now become not only the Rep in sales, directly or indirectly, but the Social Media Brand itself. If you have a network connected device and make a comment or a like or forwarded anything you thought was interesting, you are involved in Social Media Marketing for whatever idea or service that promoted you to do so.