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Is Paintless Dent Removal Right for You?

Oops! You’ve accidently tapped your vehicle and given yourself a dent. Your dream car now has an unsightly dent and you wonder if you will be able to afford the body work to correct your error. There is good news, with new paintless dent removal technology you may be able to repair your car for a fraction of the cost of traditional body shop methods. Despite this you may be wondering if your car’s dent will qualify for removal by this method. It is important to consider the specifics of your dent to determine if paintless dent removal is the appropriate course of action to fix your car.

Is Paintless Dent Removal Right for You?

How Much Damage Was Accrued?

When accessing whether your car will be a candidate for paintless dent removal, start by determining if the dent created any visible paint damage or cracking. Unfortunately, if the paint has sustained damage, paintless dent removal won’t be an option for your repair. If you assessed the damage and discover the paint is still in stellar condition, you must consider the next criteria for removal; is the dent more than 12 inches long? If you find that it is, it is unlikely that your vehicle will be able to be successfully repaired by this method.

How Old is The Vehicle in Question?

When determining if your vehicle is a good fit for paintless dent repair, the age of the vehicle must also be considered. For vehicles more than 15-20 years old, paintless dent removal is often not an option. Due to the normal ageing of the paint, it often will not hold up to the dent removal process and will end up flaking off during the repair. Another consideration is whether the vehicle has been previously repaired by a body shop. For newer vehicles that have already sustained damage and repairs in the same area, paintless dent repair will no longer be an option.

Where are Your Dents?

While paintless dent removal can be a perfect option for a plethora of dent needs, there will always be some dents that are poor candidates for removal. Areas that sustained prior damage can sustain extensive damage if paintless dent removal is attempted. Not to mention, the location of the dent will also be important as being very close to the edge of the panel would make a vehicle ineligible for paintless dentrepair in Denver. Under specific circumstances, it is possible that only part of the dent will be able to be removed. Hard to reach areas can often be improved by paintless dent repair but are unable to be fixed 100% by this method.

Will Paintless Dent Removal Work for My Vehicle?

If you have honestly evaluated your vehicle for age, paint damage, and location, it is likely that paintless dent removal will be a cost-effective alternative for extensive body work. Upon completion, your vehicle should look good as new. Ultimately, the final say should go to the professionals. Be sure to have your vehicle evaluated by a company skilled in the paintless dentremoval process to ensure this procedure is the best choice for you!