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IPhone 8 / iPhone X - what we know

Yesterday, Apple released a new iPhone for 2017, and I'm sure many Apple fans are excited. As a tech person, I was excited to see the new device, but it left me feeling disappointed. There aren't that many changes to the iPhone to 'wow' me like the iPhone 7 did. Let's face it, Apple has upped their own game with previous devices so much that they are having issues topping themselves with the future device releases (Similar to what happened to the iPhone 6 line up). 

iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus Specs. 

They're the same size. More start up storage options. New A11 bionic chip (tells me nothing). Same rear camera (single on the iPhone 8, duel on the iPhone 8 Plus). Front camera was upgraded to 7mp. Still has a home button and the lightning connector. New wireless charging (Qi compatible). iOS 11 (snooze). 

Price: $699.00 and $799.00

iPhone X Specs.

5.8 inch screen (no home button). Facial recognition scanning to unlock device (and numeric key pad if it fails). Oled screen. Rear camera is the same as the iPhone 8 plus.......and if you crack the screen or the IPS digitizer, you're screwed with a brick in your hand and have to make an appointment with the Apple Store (I live in a metro area and it takes 2-4 weeks to get an appointment) because there is no home button of any kind.

Price: $999.00

I like Apple, but I think they fell off their rocker. iPhone 8 / iPhone X - what we know