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Samsung Galaxy 8, 8 Plus, and Note 8 Versus Apple iPhone 8. 8 Plus and X

Samsung Galaxy 8, 8 Plus, and Note 8 Versus Apple iPhone 8. 8 Plus and X

I wanted to wait until Samsung had all three devices ready and available, since the discovery of Apple and their three new devices, in order to write something comparatively between the two. 

Since the Keynote, I have seen many 'Apple Fan' friends and 'Samsung Fan' friends take the release of the 2017 Apple iPhone line up very seriously. They have always gone head to head about each others preferences, the differences, the similarities, and which one was better overall. 

In reference to overall design, this is the first year where Apple and Samsung actually have a device that looks so similar to one and other that someone could actually mistake the device unless proven by the operating system. The iPhone X definitely looks like the Samsung 2017 Galaxy line up of phones. This comes to no surprise because Apple does all of its marketing for it device 'upgrades' after it has been shown to be successful within the market from other devices (Samsung primarily from what I have noticed over the years). There is nothing wrong with this approach. It's just how they chose to develop their products. I always will remember what I once heard from a Steve Jobs documentary, which was, "If you want to keep a customer coming back, you never sell a full or complete product", and this is true otherwise Apple would have a 360 degree touchscreen Macbook Pro instead of a Macbook Pro and an iPad Pro. 

Enough about Apple marketing. 

I've noticed that many people are comparing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to the Apple iPhone X (:::SMH:::). First, the software design of iOS and Samsung's Android OS are completely different, yet they have a lot of similarities. But, the Samsung developed OS of Android has many more bells and whistles built in for business and design purposes to pair with the integrated and built in stylus. Let's not forget the security of Samsung's Knox software on top of the Google updates which it already receives. Apple has iOS and promise to protect your information. That's it. The Apple X iPhone is something that should have been released years ago along side of other high end smartphones with a premium price point. But Apple didn't need to, people simply bought an iPhone because it was an iPhone. What I am you can't compare the iPhone X to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 because the iPhone X is similar to the Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus in size and hardware. 

The iPhone X is a PREMIUM APPLE DEVICE not a PREMIUM SMARTPHONE device like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and others in this category. Lets face it, Apple-designed 'premium' devic