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Are you actively listening?

With technology allowing all of us to be connected all the time, I wonder if we are truly listening?  It is very important to be an active listener with your family, friends and work environment. We have been able to express ourselves through various social media platforms, but as we move forward, will our thoughts, visions and voices be heard?  We are seeing social media platforms change, like this amazing platform #bebee, that allows us to be heard through different hives. We are able to connect with others based on interests and personalities. But the key component to this new platform will be expressing "who we are" and "how we are real" within a hive where we produce!  So, take the time to "actively listen" or in this case "actively read" what others produce.  

We all want to be heard and have a good listener....
Are you actively listening?

Kevin Pellon 10/5/2017 · #4

Not yet#3

Javier 🐝 beBee 8/10/2016 · #3

Did you try the live buzzes from the app ? :)

Javier 🐝 beBee 8/10/2016 · #2

@Kevin Pellon we are on it ! We are working on great new features and improvements for you !

Kevin Pellon 28/9/2016 · #1

@Matt Sweetwood @Javier beBee @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian let's continue to make #bebee become more personal and create a unique community that values this platform.

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