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Very proud to see what we have accomplished!  Our first fundraiser letter for our new non-profit!  Thought I'd share because just a little impact can mean the world of difference for some people!
Dear Colleagues & Friends,

As a board member of Kayla’s Directory, we have been making it possible for children with special needs and their families to access programs, adaptive equipment, and resources in Vermont for the last nine months.

Kayla’s Directory seeks to eliminate barriers that discourage special needs children and their families from participating in community activities. Enabling children with special needs to enjoy experiences similar to their less challenged peers improves their lives in the present while simultaneously building a strong foundation for them to positively interact with the community in the future. In addition to providing a higher quality of life for children with special needs, community participation also enriches the lives of those whom they touch—parents, peers, instructors, and other community members.

Over the past nine months, Kayla’s Directory has successfully run an adaptive running program, purchased an adaptive “All-terrain stroller” for Shelburne Museum, purchased a “Courtesy Carrier” for a local merchant, and began running an eight week “Cooking is for Everyone” which is still in progress. To continue to have a positive impact on children with special needs and their families, we are having a fundraiser on October 15th. I am inviting you to join us! Come enjoy a marvelous silent auction, watch an amazing video about children with special needs and their families, and listen to a guest speaker share his story of having a child with special needs, all while sipping cocktails, munching on hors d’oeuvres, and mingling with friends!

$50.00 of each ticket’s proceeds will go directly to Kayla’s Directory programs. I look forward to seeing all of you at “Cocktails for a Cause”.

Click here to view the invitation: