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Setting SMART Goals to go full circle with content marketing

Setting SMART Goals to go full circle with content marketing

I've worked with many businesses and entrepreneurs with different budgets when it comes to sales and marketing. But when it comes to producing "big" content like blogs and videos, many of them seem to cringe. 

The perception is that blogs and videos are expensive to produce for something just to share here and there. 

For obvious reasons, blogs and videos are vitally important to your business for all the usual reasons: aide in your SEO (search engine optimization), show thought leadership in a given field, allow customers to "try you on" before they buy, and a plethora more. 

But it doesn't have to stop there.

Using SMART Goals in your marketing can allow you to think differently about these larger content pieces, using them to continuously drive traffic toward a larger goal: driving traffic to your business to eventually make a purchase. 

And that's what I'm doing here. 

Head over to A Cup of Content and read my recent blog post about making your 2017 goals SMART. If you want to engage in what I'm talking about here (using larger content pieces to drive marketing efforts), sign up for the free SMART goal planner at the bottom of the post, follow A Cup of Content on social media, and watch my December SMART Goal be put to work!

It's time we stop spinning our wheels in sales and marketing and start to create definitive goals with measurable outcomes...and use our larger content pieces to our advantage. 

Kim Bultsma Dec 10, 2016 · #4

@Mohammed A. Jawad: It IS so difficult for business owners to work *on* their business vs. always *in* their business!

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Kim Bultsma Dec 10, 2016 · #3

@Franci Eugenia Hoffman: So true! Thank you for the comments!

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Enlightening buzz on setting goals. Relating to the items mentioned in the article, achievable is perhaps, the most difficult but the most important. Being realistic keeps the goal(s) within reach, yet we still have to challenge ourselves so as not to lose interest.

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Mohammed Abdul Jawad Dec 9, 2016 · #1

Truly. ..If we don't come up with sensible, timely and targeted content, we simply lag behind.

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