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Strength doesn't come from winning.

Strength doesn't come from winning.

Strength isn't from coming out on top. Strength isn't from receiving that big promotion or closing that income-massing deal. We don't find strength in winning.

We find strength in losing.

I find myself saying #thestruggleisreal quite a bit lately. I started my own business two years ago, and just two weeks ago I launched a new business. I'm essentially starting all over again in trying to acquire new members and clients. While I thoroughly enjoy the challenge, I find myself listening to those inner voices.

Suck it up.
Kim in The School of Hard Knocks
It'll be fine.
Kim in The Proverbial Optimist

I find myself blinded with unicorn and rainbow visions of instant success--yet at the same time I tell my clients that very rarely does "viral" happen overnight or organically. We have to make our own magic. It takes hard work. It takes planning. It takes effort.

It takes failure.

When we fail, we learn. When we learn, we grow stronger. When we grow stronger, we learn how to fail better. Only then will we find success.

So how are you failing better?

Kim Bultsma Dec 15, 2016 · #8

@Mohammed A. Jawad: I totally agree!

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Kim Bultsma Dec 15, 2016 · #7

You're welcome, @Tahir Kashif!

Mohammed Abdul Jawad Dec 14, 2016 · #6

In fact, those who persevere and remain positive are half successful. With these two traits when you handle hurdles and failure, you'll find more lessons for inspiration to accelerate your ways for successful outcomes.

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Tahir Kashif Dec 14, 2016 · #5

True. Thanks for sharing @Kim Bultsma

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Kim Bultsma Dec 14, 2016 · #4

#1 Love the Rocky reference, @Preston Vander Ven! It's definitely why that character is so appealing!

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Kim Bultsma Dec 14, 2016 · #3

Thank you, @rajni singh!

rajni singh Dec 14, 2016 · #2

Succinct yet so true - "We have to make our own magic. It takes hard work. It takes planning. It takes effort".
Interesting read, thanks for sharing.

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Preston 🐝 Vander Ven Dec 14, 2016 · #1

You have great points. A great character of strength is the fictional character Rocky Balboa. Yet, he isn't remembered for his physical strength, he is remember for how hard he could get hit and still get back up. He taught the important of persistence and that going the distance is more important than winning or losing.

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