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Extracts from Light and Dark


Extracts from Light and Dark


You chased me through the spring meadows of my childhood
In the warm bird song summer sun
With you I never had a day of sorrow
As I look back at what we had done

I call you Amaranta
A flower that never fades
You were my rays of happiness
Through a thousand silent plays

How many words are there to express the way this feels
Even after separation from you I still cried alone in my dreams
So sad I was unable to show you how I felt
Guess it’s just the way life was
The cards that we were dealt

I call you Amaranta
My flower that never fades
You were my rays of sunshine
Through a thousand silent prayers

So now as we get older, separation looms again
I just wanted to say to you that you have always been my friend
But I think, no, I know you’re so much more than that
A hidden unused word, I think it’s just called love

So thank you Amaranta
My flower that never fades
You were my rays of sunshine
Through all my breathing days
I will always love you Amaranta
Until my life force fades away
You are my Amaranta
The flower that never fades.

Extracts from Light and Dark

Motionless words

Tumble across the barren floor

Echoes, of something once said

Change my plans and dreams

Once more

I lazily float along the shore

Searching for meaning

While disbelieving

What comes near, sounds I hear

It’s clear as daylight

And still

I feel and I fear

That someone’s trying to help me

So I think perhaps I believe

The stress of changing

My edgy brain and thoughts

Cannot conceive

I stare across the still waters

From my mountain, way up high

Smile at my banality

I touch, I feel, I cry

I climbed down from my mountain

And into a crowded street

There’s every kind of people

Who I didn’t want to meet

I crawl back up the mountain

And watched as life sped by

Perhaps tomorrow will never come

Shall I be asleep? When I die

Will I wake from this endless dream?

Will I see you? When I die

Confusion will end

And death begins or

Another kind of lie.

Light and Dark a new book of photographs and poems by Kim Wheeler, out soon

Extracts from Light and Dark