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Light and Dark

Light and Dark

My latest book is a collection of thought provoking and emotional poems and beautiful imagery of life..(out soon)

Please find below a few of the images and poems enclosed in this beautiful collection and an honest review by a fellow photographer, poet and great friend Clancy Tucker...


Kim Wheeler is the master at expressing his inner thoughts and feelings in words. He is also a great photographer and poet. With seven published books to his name, he continues to impress me. His poetry is often gut-wrenching and brutally honest, but I admire any male who can express himself so frankly. It shows a personality that is striving to be the best person possible.

Kim’s photographs also show an exceptional talent. As a published author and photographer myself, I can relate to the connection between words on a page and taking photographs.

This is a thought-provoking book that has taken great courage to compile.

Clancy Tucker

Award-winning Australian author and photographer.

Light and Dark


What happens when tomorrow never comes

Do we cry for loss of purpose?

Or do our tears tell the truth

That without another tomorrow

We shall be alone, once more

Without love, hope or salvation

And our path towards the light

Fades into damnation

As we fear the night

And we fear ourselves

And the weakness we behold

As we are alone

Growing tired getting old

Our memories make our future

What will we be?

What shall we hear and what are we to be or see

Perhaps emptiness again

What happens if tomorrow never comes

Guess we will just have to await our fate

And don’t question the question

Just accept we are what and where and when

We are

Alone again a part of the great unknown

Or apart from the great unknown

I will tell you when I know

Maybe tomorrow

Light and Dark

Resting place

You are my resting place

My solace and my home

You’re all I need to comfort me

When devoid of life-alone

I rest my aching body

And relax my questioning mind

I close my eyes to a thousand tears

Of a life that’s lived, now forgotten, far behind

I smile as I listen to sweet birdsong

And the rustling of the trees

I feel I have no fear of solitude

In this gentle sierra breeze

I am in my Garden of Eden

I place where spirits sing

I rest my soul in my Garden of Eden

I close my eyes as pain ends and life begins

Light and Dark

Caged Birds

A caged bird cries for the freedom of flight

Baby child screams of her fear of the night

The fighter shadow boxes, ready for another brutal fight

And the blind man stumbles as he struggles to see the light

The battle for life goes on and on, as we all follow the storm

The struggle for love goes on and on, as we all follow the storm

A writer of songs throws unwanted lyrics to the floor

The reclusive addict trembles and coughs, his fading veins scream out for more

A brave soldier dies in another fatal fight

His poor mother weeps at his lonely graveside every single night

The battle for life goes on and on, as we all follow the storm

The battle for love goes on and on and we all follow the storm...

Deb Helfrich Sep 21, 2016 · #9

Indeed. Top of my list when I get to England.

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Kim Wheeler Sep 21, 2016 · #8

#7 Does that mean you're are going to purchase a copy of mine..???

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Deb Helfrich Sep 21, 2016 · #7

Hieronymous Bosch takes me to agony and torture and I have a self-created mantra with such a strong reflex to smile when I begin saying it, that now even the anticipation of saying it works to calm me and make me aware of the ever changing world.

With poems, the carefully utilized groupings and white space are purpose-made to allow us to zone in. Which is why it is important to buy a book of poetry, so that you can return to the words in different states and let the right ones present themselves to help us catalyze emotions

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Kim Wheeler Sep 21, 2016 · #6

#3 Yes I perfectly understand your sentiments..just the odd word can trigger an ocean of emotions..probably why i like the words of lennon and mccartney so much.......

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Franci Eugenia Hoffman Sep 21, 2016 · #5

Sharing in Creative Writers

Franci Eugenia Hoffman Sep 21, 2016 · #4

Stories told through poems. A lovely way to show emotions. Well done.

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Deb Helfrich Sep 20, 2016 · #3

#2 You know, @Kim Wheeler, I feel like poems are about capturing the essence of the flow of life in words. It is all about timing. One can read a poem any number of times, but when one captures your attention at the precise time you are experiencing something, there is this rush of feeling of not being so alone in the world that is simply priceless.

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Kim Wheeler Sep 20, 2016 · #2

#1 thank you @Deb Helfrich...I really appreciate your input..the poems are a small selection about my life..yes some are hard to read but what can you write about if not the truth ?? x

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