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Random in Words (pt 2)

Random in Words (pt 2)


I must confess

That my world was a mess

And nobody knew who I was

I was friendless and alone

And lived on my own

My life was painful and empty

I survive this life

With no lovers or a wife

And no children to call me daddy

I struggled each day

To walk the impossible way

And stop myself going crazy

I have one last chance

To learn the steps to life's dance

Or perhaps curl up and be forgotten

I screamed up to the skies

'Please God help me, please help me survive'

And this voice called out from heaven

'Son, I will hold tight your trembling hand

And be your best friend

Today, tomorrow, forever

I will help you survive

I will keep all your hopes alive

And love you from the soul of my heart

Son, live out all of your plans

Remember who I am

Because I will love you forever and ever...

Shit Creek

I wake up sometime a.m.

Then paddle down shit creek

Fuck, it’s only Monday

The beginning of the week

I fall out of bed and rub my head

Then scratch at my three piece suite

Pick the Randolph’s from my boat race

And remove the black bits from my feet

Put on my suit of armour

That protects me through this day

Remind myself of who I am

Prepared, I’m on my way

But my road is made of quicksand

And my boots are full of lead

Emptiness fills my stomach

And there’s weird shit in my head

I’ve wasted endless chances

That came knocking at my door

I’m just too fucking lazy

To get my useless carcass off the floor

My shadow tells me to get a grip

Then my mind says, oh what’s the point

Go home and put your feet up

And smoke another joint.

Shit Pit

I was crumbling in my stinking pit

Full of other peoples shit

I had no voice, I did not fit

I held my nose and just got used to it

Then, one day the time had come

A chance of life, I begin to run

Far away from the darkened sun

I found myself, then had some fun

So, farewell to the nauseous smell

The stench of failure is a lonely hell

I have a plan as you can tell

I'm standing tall, where I first fell...

Ugly Tree

I hit every branch of life’s ugly tree
Deserted in London, my mother didn’t want me
Fed by trebuchet because I was so very ugly
Reared by the social that let every pervert touch me
I’m so ugly,

Rejected by my own kind, survival was the game
Only thing I ever owned was my skin and a name
My Mother was threatened with a mental home, was she really so insane?
Her only crime was giving birth to me and was never to blame
I’m so very ugly,

My crime was just my colour as I wasn’t a perfect white
And as you swam around in paradise I drowned in a river of shite
For me there was only darkness, every hour was as black as night
And there was no one to teach the rules about being wrong and being right
I’m so very, very ugly,

Now I know about loneliness and I have shook the hands with pain
After many years on Planet Earth I still feel that I’m to blame
The freedom of life I was promised was attached to a ball and chain
There’s one sure certainty, indifference will never change
Mother, oh Mother, why am I so ugly.

All my words are my past emotions being allowed to speak/vent...nothing more.........just words..