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I pick my face of yesterday’s scabs

Rearrange my clothes that look like rags

Search my pit for a half smoked fag

Scream at life while I take a drag

Then whisper

'Why am I so fucking sad?'

I push my carcass to its feet

Shuffle slowly to a volatile street

Scream 'Fuck Off' to the first face I meet

Oh how I wish I were still asleep

Then whisper

'Why am I so fucking weak?'

Another grey day slips silently away

And with it went hope which I needed today

I'm not in control, is the honest thing to say

Stuck in my shit pit and stuck here I'll stay

Then whisper

'Why do I always hurt myself this way?'

So now is the time to put all things right

Climb out of the dark and into the light

My soul is alive, my heart shines bright

Got back myself, my strength and my life

And scream

Finally, I got life right