A Piece of History in South Carolina

I have the privilege of a minority experience in the South. As a single independent white woman of 47 years with no children or husband I have had success in Charleston of my own Technical Writing career and income, a beautiful home and my own independent life as a writer and author. This fell at the end of 2015 due to economic sabotage through bank thefts and frauds. Since then, I have found in the state of South Carolina, where African American population is greater in weight of women needs and support for women of color that I can relate a tale of white women are not single successes that are provided a way to remain easily.

From the beginning of these events, I have found people willing to assist with better needs, but this is what I have run into other: Neighbor friends who asked me why I do not add a penis or more "black" to my social to have better, African American women who do not need to "wear" a white woman has trouble or a white woman is not wrong on her own, family that wants to know if I can have a handicap applied (and I am not handicapped and have never been given this in life to make an "acceptable" understanding of a woman should admit to not right to be okay in life on her own, ideas provided by state systems and my family's friends for recovery for re-career choices more appropriate for female success left, and a few suggestions that if I had a "friend" in life better I could shack-up with a male or female and provide myself better.

A Piece of History in South Carolina

In world where I was raised white-bred, corn fed and I have been told over life not to hang to hard with the African American sisters when I try because I do not quite fit, in a world where the men do not have an excuse for female patterned success does not provide the male prerogative need in my life to put my own answer on my successes, add my decisions have to give independent weight, and to stand for choices I choose not ones given for my choice, in a world where white women need youth or age without family is the primary decision. I have found a huge resistance to a woman on her own can come when money does not have her best buy.

To date, I am in the process of working a way back to my own economic sustain, owning my own home and having my private life without any more moral interference from well meaning religious communities. Regardless of future successes or my professional endeavors forward, I do know that I have stood well in life and I do not intend to sit down easily. Authors and writers continue to pen words until life quits as a writer in any walk they walk. Bowing down to no choices of situation, I will not stay longer than I can choose my own way out to have life as a white woman minority, a non-Christian with Christian faith, and a single person holding her own social needs to find others and write my choices for myself.

Kimberly A. McKenzie-Klemm

Bill King 3/3/2018 · #1

After reading your buzz Kimberly McKenzie-Klemm the one quote that came to mind was "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."