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Marketing Case Study Panasonic 1

Marketing Case Study Panasonic 1

After the WWⅡ, there burnt-out area, we were carving for innovation to develop our mother land. Japanese mindset for innovation lead us rapidly growth and contributed to our prosperity today. Conventionally, we’re agricultural tribe with living natural disaster or blessing.

One of the Japanese symbolic company, Panasonic, there we have some hidden stories. The management philosophy, Konosuke Matsushita, inheriting to the next generations, widespread, not only for business, but politics, social.

Elaborational manufacturing

Marketing Case Study Panasonic 1

Before the world financial panic,1929, there almost few tips for living, so all the people, or any manufacturer seeking anything to be useful for your convenient. For embedded the product, he dedicated all resources to create the apparatus elaborately

Direct Distributing

Marketing Case Study Panasonic 1 For the selling, although worked with some agents, since it decreasing, to be forced direct selling to the retailor. Fortunately, it conduced toward good result, preventing lower price.

Japanese Management Style

Marketing Case Study Panasonic 1 To certificate employee’s life is one of Japanese notable management style. There some rumors for the origin, in Panasonic case, fostering them to gain skill or knowledge will enhance whole company presence.

Memorizing Idea

Marketing Case Study Panasonic 1

Before felling asleep, Konosuke Matsushita, set the memo next to his pillow in order to remember the idea. It needs some contemplation to squeeze innovative imagination, his strive emerging on the lifestyle.

Freemium Model

Marketing Case Study Panasonic 1

Among the Internet business, freemium is more transparent, Panasonic had executed this strategy by far years ago. It contributed counterpart, not only for retailor, but maker, like Panasonic or others.