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Marketing Case Study Toyota 35

Marketing Case Study Toyota 35

Foxconn started to cooperate with Didi, that means excess competition among this industries. Soon it will be revealed the answers, who would win this turmoil. Not only technologically progress, but it exceptional heated surroundings, team up with appropriate partner in each location. Apple is seriously losing the way to earn the case on the automatic driving, but also not sure how it works.

International automobile market, the latter of 1990, the wave has come to migrate with cooperation of global competitors. Joint venture includes Daimler, and Chrysler, for developing each resources, Nissan and Renault also cooperate to invent new models. It was representative that surging new era to restructure the market.

Entrepreneur Mind

Beating severe competitiveness, stated the goal for fostering internal entrepreneurship, to embark on spontaneously approach to squeeze market needs. Even though the outcome was so positive on the US market, but never been working submissively, change it themselves, appetite to take on the innovation into the automobile industry.


Toyota was embarking on the project, CCC21, the name of Construction of Cost Competitiveness 21, intent to reduce the cost to meet sufficient goal of customer satisfaction. Per parts, common used across the products. Thoroughly improved the entire process to deduct the cost, and enhance the each value to contribute the customer resonation.

Digital Engineering

Internet revolution would bring the huge impact among automobile industry. Data engineering is rapidly growing, to connect the cars and human action results. 3 dimension data visualized system would construct on the virtual space, to create the images. Since then positively adapted digital process.

Fostering the system

Diversified staffs, is necessary to meet consensus on the same values, further to foster the global members. Toyota raised their own ways, named “Toyota Way”, to reveal the mission for all employees. Stated the mission is penetrated into the all divisions, remind them own philosophy.

Global Management

As it broken the account rule had occurred many times, strictly regulated international law system. Because of the international level account management induced, prevented the loss of stabl