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Marketing Case Study Toyota 38

Marketing Case Study Toyota 38

Future technology always taking us to the dream, it connects the Internet with primitive business today, embedded each gaps to help the both negative points.Online world show us none limited potential to stretch their scope for your project, in other word, lead us to the next stage. Existing king is no longer enough to spread their realm, but inevitably to diving new highly competitiveness.

Restart is the keyword for Toyota. According to the rapidly development in the recent gaining growth region, incrementally spread their international profit. Superficially, even it going so well-predicted, but actually bad waves were sneaking into their foot. Finally, Subprime hit the automobile industries, it worse and worse obsessed to entire the market.

Positive Condition

21 century is good call for domestic Toyota business, once alleviated the bad trend, and shifted to preferable condition. India, or China, overwhelmingly been growing, it contributed to this historical sales, so as to catch up this wave, accelerated to invest as productive reinforce in each local region.

Sneeking the Risk

Behind the good condition, surely evolving the phenomenon, rising the energy prices, that was huge impact, even it sold well, still not reflects to their profit. That because of their components mainly occupied by small cars, that directly means, sold numbers is not positive for the sales.

Seriously down trend

Continuously higher oil prices hit their profit, and development countries excessively need that demand. Add insult to injury, Subprime issue occurs from United States , that causes stronger yen, it made huge impact of exporting sales from Japan. Especially operating profit converted to the red at this moment.

Negative outcome

In 2008, Subprime issue broke out, and pandemic to entire the world. Credit crunch induced bad effect to the stock market, at Japanese, down to 7,054yen, that close to the after bubbled. Car loan would be strictly assessed, and stronger yen was critical impact for their sales strategy. To call this problem, improve the cost structure, and once suspended new project.

Toyota Shock

Almost medias report “Toyota Shock