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Marketing Case Study Toyota 6

Marketing Case Study Toyota 6

The industrial Revolution was surging around 1970, 1980. Dramatically innovation came to us, beyond our living before we met, since then, generally convulsion made us much comfortably shifted with some sacrifices. Also in Japan, polluted had been arguing those days, against that, most of us struggled to find the solution. What’s the business innovation next?

Diligently striving is one of Toyota’s spirit, owing to embracement, their tremendously achievement will come to effect, not only for domestic landing, but globally. In terms of development, aggregated some expertise into the team, through intensified, more the business ranges widen. All of their mindset is talking to us, what’s the Japanese mind, and seed for success.


Marketing Case Study Toyota 6 Additionally function stick to their system those days, not meaningful producing that effectively, it enable to adapt for various orders. Referred to imported machinery, abbreviated the role, only for the necessity, when it came to the numbers for productions. Eliminated surplus, achieved the most effective works.

Why importing?

Marketing Case Study Toyota 6

Predicted future internal development, Toyota adopted external expertise. Gaining own development skill cost much time, until that, alternate means needed for them to sustain presence on domestic business. Importing is not only for gaining the method, but as paving the fundamental of automobile beginner.

Launch pad assessment

Marketing Case Study Toyota 6

Realizing mass-producing, new factory established on the comfortable space, with factors, acquisition with low price, adamant indigenous layer, transportable, electric abundant, etc. In short, started new project for machinery of aviation.

Just in Time

Marketing Case Study Toyota 6

To avoid the excessive production, or wasted time, Just in Time philosophy was born, through the mind of Kiichiro Toyota. Produce it within the necessity is significant for administrating the resources.


Marketing Case Study Toyota 6

For adopting new management technology, between raw blank department and processing, put the arrangement team for transiting into new system. Measuring sufficient production numbers per day, and bring to processing team for producing minimums. Finally take it to constructive factory.