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Prediction of Digital Marketing 2016

Prediction of Digital Marketing 2016

In terms of digital marketing, it would be challenging for us to separate “the digital” and “the real”.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Virtual Reality (VR) will be rapidly evolving in 2016, in accordance with their tremendous online network. As such, there’ll no longer be much difference between what’s considered online and offline.

Through dynamic technological innovation, anything surrounding digital marketing will slowly shift from online to offline.

The notable keywords for digital marketing in 2016 are:

  • Localization
  • Engagement    


While localization was repeatedly prioritized, there is a huge gap between its current state and its potential. We will see a shift in focus to the localization of interests rather than that of physical location. As seen in the recent terrorist attacks, communities around the world were bonded through the Internet by similarities, not geographical differences.

As such, businesses will have to look closely into building communities bonded by interests. They will also have to pay attention to influential community leaders and to respond to them appropriately.


We have been insisting that “Content is King”, but solely pushing out contents for the sake of it doesn’t work anymore – we need to actually shift the focus to the customer’s voice.

The era will be back to “Customers First”. Since the Internet started, the discussion has been that of ‘How to reach the customer’ with social media, online advertisements, and content. However, these methods will cease to work as well as they used to. Overflowing content on the Internet will have to fight against the real need to engage customers.

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#1 Thank you for shared!

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#4 Thank you for your feedback. That's right to squeeze the exact customer intent, but it coincidently to alarm for marketer to make striving for genuine next action. Customer voice is the entrance for internal communication, but not all, marketer should do interpret with concealed needs in it, further background.

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Robert Cormack 11/10/2016 · #4

The "customer voice" is too hard for most communicators to understand. Remember the scene in Mad Men when Don Draper is sitting in a bar/restaurant. He asks the waiter why he smokes Lucky Strikes. The waiter replies, "I started on these during the war. I guess I'm loyal to them now." The thing is, you won't see a copywriter asking a waiter a question like that now. They honestly don't care. The idea that there's a "customer voice" is never taught, never practised anywhere. But just like writing is finding your own voice (which ain't easy), it's the same with a "customer voice." You have to hear it, then you have to transcribe it, then you have to BELIEVE it. Don't expect that to happen any time soon. It's too much work and takes too much time.

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@Kohei Kurihara very interested in your marketing point of view !

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@Kohei Kurihara, great first post! Looking forward to many more.

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