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Casino jackpot machine — Mobile Slots

Casino jackpot machine — Mobile Slots

Sirens Slot Review: Play Casino Jackpot Machine Games Online

A nicely designed 5-reel slot machine with 30 pay lines, Sirens is developed by a reputed slots software developer, High 5 Games. Sirens is one of our most favorite slot machines as it imparts life to the Greek myth talking about wonderful sea creatures that attract sailors and others who listened to their beautiful voices. This slot features some of the most interesting aspects including free spins, multiplier bonus round, and wilds. Such casino jackpot machine games work on a variety of devices and Sirens is considered to be one of the most favorite casino games playable on iPad at the time.

The story of this slot machine is centered on old Greek mythology with mysterious tales about a group of sea creatures which used to convert themselves into pretty women, singing alluring songs to seduce those who listened to their songs and wished to reach the shore to see the singers. Humans were the food of these creatures and hence, it was not just about dance and song.

Siren is a high stake 5 reel slot game which successfully captures all the important details of this Greek myth. For example, you come across few Sirens-based symbols on the reels which include the three popular Sirens namely Thelxinoe, Molpe, and Aglaophonos. Some other symbols you are likely to find here include Bonus icons, Sirens logos, the Hero, Eagles, poker card values running from Ace to 10. The reels on the casino jackpot machine appear on the top of the sea. These sirens are believed to possess wings and they turn dangerous because they can even fly and reach you over the land.

 More About Sirens Slot

The number of free spins unlocked is determined by the number of bonus symbols the player gets. For example, 3 bonus symbols unlock 7 free spins while 4 symbols unlock 10 free spins and 5 bonus symbols unlock 15 free spins. The symbols B, O, N, U, S take the place of bonus symbol during free spins. Free spins end only when the player runs out of spins or once the Multiplier bonus is played. Upon collecting the B, O, N, U, S, symbols during the free spins, you can activate the multiplier bonus. Towards the end of the free spins round, the player is asked to select a Harp which determines the amount of multiplier at 3x, 4x, 5x and 10x. The total wins for the free spins get multiplied by the random multiplier. This is when the Multiplier Bonus round ends.

The game is a great choice for those who like to play casino jackpot machine games on a low budget because the coin values in this game are truly limited. The maximum bet amount which can be placed on 30 lines is just 4.5 coins. The jackpot is 30,000 credits and it can be unlocked by acquiring five bonus symbols on one line. For the newbie players, we recommend reading FAQ section before playing online casino games.

Sirens is a nice slot which loads quickly even on slow Internet connection and features some really exciting action, specifically for those who can manage to enter multiplier bonus round.