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Don't Worry About Taking the Beaten Path

From an early age, most of us were brought up with certain ideas of how our lives should play out.  We were brought up to take the normal beaten path, the path that is most walked on in life or at least in the American society's beliefs.

I can only speak for myself in saying that I was raised with the following beaten path  as a formula for making it - for equating to being successful in life:

     1.  Go to school and get good grades.
     2.  Figure out what I want to be when I "grow up" at an early age.
     3.  Go to college and obtain a degree.
     4.  Land an opportunity post-graduation, and start my career.
     5.  Find "the one."
     6.  Date for at least a year.
     7.  Get engaged for at least a year.
     8.  Pay lots of money for a huge and elaborate wedding ceremony.
     9.  Buy a house.
    10. Have children.
    11.  Live happily ever after.

Well, guess what? 

I can honestly say that the beaten path is not the only path you can take in order to be happy and successful in your life or your career.  It is absolutely okay to be unconventional, and create a new path for yourself.  In my case, I did things very differently. Some might even go as far to say I d