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Causes for Projects Failure

Causes for Projects Failure

Project Managers are a hardy bunch, they work hard to make sure that their project achieves complete success in meeting all established corporate requirements. In spite of their best efforts some projects do end up going south - this short write-up highlights some of the rationales behind failure and ways to improve the odds of success.

Common causes of failure

•        Lack of clear link between the project and the organization’s key strategic priorities, including agreed measures of success

•        Lack of clear senior management ownership and leadership

•        Lack of effective Business sponsor & Stakeholder engagement

•        Lack of skills and proven approach to project management and risk management

The difference between success & failure

Success factors in Projects        Factors for failures in Projects

Common project culture                           Poor communications                    

Integrated teams                                         Lack of planning

Strong leadership                                       No cross-functional teamwork

Team goals                                                  No shared team goals

Clearly defined objectives                         Lack of strong leadership

Strong working relationships                    Hierarchical people issues

Flexibility                        &