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Team Work - Are we willing to adopt?

Team Work - Are we willing to adopt?
Teamwork is important because it impacts the overall quality of projects, the morale of a group as a whole and the learning experience for individuals involved in a project. Teamwork can also positively affect the retention of employees and the creativity of ideas produced. Here are few specifics.

  • Creativity - We all have different skills, knowledge, and personal attributes. By utilizing all of these different aspects of a team, more ideas can be generated. As more ideas are generated, more creative solutions are generated, leading to better results.
  • Satisfaction - Lack of job satisfaction is often one of the key things highlighted in surveys of employees. Individuals working together as a team to achieve a common goal are continually developing. As they interact more energy and enthusiasm is created. When this energy is utilized, it produces results which positively impacts on motivation and leads to even more success.
  • Skills - Even the best-qualified individual cannot have all of the skills to do everything. Some people excel at coming up with the ideas. Others love the detail while there are those that focus on the big picture. There are others who can be counted on when it comes to implementing and follow through of a plan.

The key point is that when a team works together, it has a huge range of skills available that it can utilize to deliver extraordinary results.

  • Speed - Imagine that you have a project that needs research, pulling together a proposition, financing it, implementing it and delivering specific benefits. If one person was allocated this task, it could take months and maybe years to make it happen. By splitting up the project, work can move forward in parallel and the ultimate goal achieved faster.
  • Sounding board - We all have a range of options open to us. If we are trying to figure out what is best, we might never move forward. In a team situation, other team members can act as a sounding board, allowing us to cut through the options and get on with those most likely to achieve the desired goal.
  • Support - It is amazing the amount of camaraderie that is created in teams, especially when the going gets tough. People will often go to what seems like extreme lengths when they know that they can rely on the support and encouragement of the team. Never underestimate the significance of this in achieving results. 

Teams that work well make a huge impact and benefit from the rewards that go with this impact.