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Bring on the Battle

Bring on the Battle

What is your favourite biggest good vs evil / good guy vs bad guy historical story?​

David vs Goliath?

Germany vs The Allied Forces?

Optimus Prime vs Megatron? :)
Every great story has a hero and a villain.

A fall then a rise.

The bottom of the mountain and the peak.

Does yours?

A story needs 3 main elements in order to succeed and capture your audience:

Hell, Hurt and a Hero.

Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but your story should have a problem that needs solving...and it needs to hurt.

There should be a conflict that needs to be resolved – The “Hell”.
There should be pain involved that your audience can feel – The “Hurt”.
There should be a person, process or place from which you learn your lesson that heals your pain – The “Hero”.

This formula applies to every great story. There is a problem, a battle to overcome, and a reason for the victory.

Ask yourself these 3 questions to easily come up with your next great story:

Question #1: What is the problem that you faced (the hell you went through)? 

Question #2: Why did it hurt and what happened while it hurt?

Question #3: What or who did you rely on to heal the hurt?

Put it altogether, and you have your next story.

Bring on the Battle!