Kwesi Millington en Public Speaking, Coaching and Mentoring, Coaching 23/9/2016 · 1 min de lectura · +400

The 2 Magic Words in Speaking

There are 2 motivating factors that get people to do ANYTHING. The desire to obtain pleasure and the desire to avoid pain.

The more powerful motivator is the desire to AVOID PAIN.

If you understand this and use this factor when you speak, you will be miles ahead of most speakers. You will often hear speakers say “Do this... to get this...” They tell their audiences to take an action or follow a piece of advice, to get a desired outcome. What you will see less often is a speaker that says, “If you don't do this....this will happen...”

What is the difference? The first statement appeals to the listener's desire to obtain pleasure. The second appeals to the listener's desire to avoid pain. Most speakers appeal to the first. If you appeal to the second as well, you will be far ahead of the game.

So how do you do that easily? Use 2 words...Most People”. Listen to the first minute of this clip from one of my favourite speakers, Les Brown.