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How long does Content Last in Social Media?

Editors and content managers are familiar with the problem: they write in-depth detailed contributions and think creative posting texts – and only a little later, the attention already decreases. But how much is the lifetime of postings on the different platforms? And what can you do to make postings to go viral?

How long does Content Last in Social Media?

So long live your postings

Have you ever wondered how long your postings on different platforms attract attention? The Indian software developer Mamsys has interesting figures :

Twitter: 18 minutes
Facebook: 5 hours
Instagram: 21 hours
LinkedIn: 24 hours
YouTube: 20 days
Pinterest: 4 months
Blog: 2 years

This keeps your content cool for longer

There are, of course, also ways and means of making content that is particularly important or in which you have put a great deal of work into making “longer” and making sure that it gets more attention. We have some tips and tricks for you!

Facebook postings

Posts pinning up or apply: You can manually keep you up or they apply so that they appear more people posts on your Wall.

Recaps: For example, a year’s retreat gives you the opportunity to show your best posts again.
Provides for interaction: contributions that are often commented on or shared are much more visible than postings with few interactions.


Just like on Facebook, the interaction here: The platform’s newsfeed algorithm sorts contributions not chronologically but by relevance. And what makes a contribution relevant? Many interactions. So try to animate your followers with questions about commenting.

Posts on LinkedIn:

Share your content not only on your profile! Post posts in groups or ask friends, coworkers, and co. To share the post after some time.

Posts on the blog:

Posts update! There are new insights to a post you wrote a long time ago? Add the contribution! Updating, for example, an article on a topic that regularly has new insights, rather than writing a new article every time.
Share this article. Posts already posted in the social networks can be shared once again when they are relevant or updated again.

The right content: As a matter of course, specialist knowledge remains relevant, even after some time, longer than contributions to current news.

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