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Make your own chocolate chip cookies

Make your own chocolate chip cookies

You won’t always be paid for the efforts and actions you put in to what you’re doing.

Sometimes the commission for the hard work you’re are doing is the development of personal skills. You could be developing leadership skills, being more self-sufficient, efficiency, sales, communication, time management, etc...

I can give you the recipe, and show you how to make soft bake chocolate chip cookies. Unless you get yourself in the kitchen and do it, you won’t have chocolate chip cookies. You want chocolate chip cookies? Go make it. You have what you need.

You want opportunity? Go get it. You have the tools and skills. It’s about applying yourself, with no expectation of anything in return.

The Recipe

Apply yourself.

Don’t accept “good enough” as good enough.

Push the bar higher.

Set your own goals. Don’t let someone else tell you what you’re capable of, because you know you’re capable of more than what’s being asked.

Do more than what’s expected.

Positivity always wins.

Do the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do.

There’s a line from an Avicii song The Nights, that’s says “One day you’ll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember.”

Another quote to follow that up “you may not be here forever, but you should be all here today.” - Grant Cardone.

While you're here...

Would you rather look back on your time here, as a time that you quit, made excuses, gave up on your potential? You don’t. Trust me. I was fired from two jobs in my life, because I gave up on my potential. I got lazy. The hiring agency told me to put “company downsizing” on my resume. I had to go to the unemployment office and draw unemployment. I had to sit and wait, playing music chairs every few minutes until it was my turn to fill out paperwork. You won’t find me in that place ever again. Not because I’m too proud for it, but because I know my potential. I know what I bring to the table.

This all may sound like a “fire walk” speech. Essentially something made to make you feel inspired for a short time, but really doesn’t do anything for you. You may think what I’ve said isn’t real, or wouldn’t work.

It is an easy recipe for personal success and growth. You just have to get in the kitchen and put in the work.

Great Buzz. I love how you applied these cookies to personal growth and success. I thought it would fun to add another piece. I feel that a lot of people want to "buy the already made 'cookie dough' ". This way they don't need the recipe. The problem even here is we still have to cook them (take action).
This cookie dough looks so yummy, that we eventually eat it all before we cook it. This is like procrastination. All the materials or momentum will be lost and we will have to start over again.

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