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Business Startups: Have a Big Visions, Clear Goals, Know the Numbers

Business Startups: Have a Big Visions, Clear Goals, Know the Numbers

Julian Day is the first person to walk the entire New South Wales coastline. He had a big vision, a clear goal and he knew the numbers.

From having bone cancer at age 18 months, to being the first person to walk the NSW coast, Julian's clear vision and safe stepping-stones has made him an "Australian Success Story" and a member of Unsung Business Heroes.

Today, he is using the same set of rules from his business and personal life to achieve a vision he has for Australia's. Coast to Coast, around the coast, on the waters edge - swim, run, cycle, paddle, you name it.

Julian Day, Founder of the Waterline Challenge and also CEO and creator of the Consensus IT Industry Awards  knows all about setting clear visions for his business and his life.

In this short Success Tip video, he shares his number one tip for all start-ups. 

See Julian's success story that is:

Julian's a true Unsung Business Hero.

With thanks to Charles Fairlie "50 Unsung Business Heroes"

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