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Marketing 101 Explained Succinctly

Marketing 101 Explained Succinctly

A Professor was asked to explain Marketing to MBA students majoring in Social Media Marketing

The Professor said:

Marketing can be summarised by these 6 scenarios:

1) You see a gorgeous girl at a party, you go to her and say, “I’m rich, marry me!”      

That's Direct Marketing

2) You attend a party and your friend goes to a girl, and, pointing at you, tells her, “He’s very rich, marry him.”

That's Advertising

3) A Girl walks up to you and says “You’re rich, can you marry me?”

That's Brand Recognition

4) You say to a gorgeous girl, “I’m very rich marry me,” and she slaps you.

That's Customer Feedback

5) You say to a girl, “I’m very rich marry me,” and she introduces you to her husband.

That's Demand & Supply Gap

6) Before you can say to a girl, “I’m rich, marry me,” your wife arrives.                     

That's Restriction from Entering a New Market"


This, of course is, written tongue in cheek and I cannot, claim original credit for the above.

I have adapted it from a number of  posts on various platforms on the internet over the last few years. Nor have I discovered the name of the witty original author to give due credit.

Marketing 101 Explained Succinctly





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Lisa 🐝 Gallagher Oct 6, 2016 · #7

Your examples of marketing made me laugh but they also make you think about the harsh realities @Lance Scoular!

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Brian McKenzie Oct 2, 2016 · #6

"I'm Rich, I would never marry" That's Market Disruption (courtesy MGTOW)

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mohammed khalaf Oct 2, 2016 · #5

That's hospitality from you #3

+1 +1
Lance Scoular 🐝 Oct 2, 2016 · #4

#1 1) Thanks @David @Javier beBee

2) Re tagging.
I am testing the effect of:
a) NOT tagging within beBee
b) promoting this buzz via my networks on Twitter, Linked and Snapchat.
c) observing organic reach rather than promoted reach from others.

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Lance Scoular 🐝 Oct 1, 2016 · #3

#2 No @Mohammed A. Jawad there are many other things.


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mohammed khalaf Oct 1, 2016 · #2

so that is very funny Lance Scoular but I ask you if all of that is fall what you doing ?

David B. Grinberg Oct 1, 2016 · #1

So funny and true, @Lance Scoular. Please tag me when you post sweet honey so I can make sure I don't inadvertently miss anything. Have a wonderful weekend, mate!

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