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R U OK? 3 words for Suicide Prevention

R U OK? 3 words for Suicide Prevention

Today is the 14th September 2017 as I write this.

And it is RU OK? Day in Australia.

I have written about this day, on this day, back in 2014 on LinkedIn and last year, 2016, on beBee.

And the reason I am doing so again today is that yesterday I came across an article on beBee titled:

“Is suicide the only way? You are worth more than what the system requires of you!”

by Fatima Williams

A very emotive story.

I was also aware that RU OK Day was almost upon us.

(I have purposefully NOT put the links the aforementioned articles – I will do so further down the page)

Just after midnight this morning I found myself awake and thinking of R U OK Day over the last few years and became very sad.


Because tomorrow, Friday, we are heading off to Wombeyan Caves for our annual long weekend with friends and family, which will be enjoyable.

BUT three young ones will not be there.

They took their own lives some years back. And that is sad, extremely sad.

So I got out of bed and walked a few steps to my home office and created a video.

It was OK, BUT.

It was mourning their passing.

I wanted to do something more positive, dedicated to their memory. So I scrapped that idea and searched my computer’s hard drive with “RUOK” and found a number of articles, graphics and PowerPoint’s.

And then I remembered I had produced a Snapchat Story last year with a PowerPoint converted to Portrait mode.

So I decided to create a YouTube video using the RU OK? PowerPoint to suggest to people how they can have a conversation that could save a life.

So here it is, with a Run Time of 5:39 min and below the video are relevant links, should you wish to check them out:

R U OK? 3 words for Suicide Prevention



Is suicide the only way? You are worth more than what the system requires of you!

by Fatima Williams.

Zemblanity, Suicide and My Family - R U OK? LinkedIn 2014

Zemblanity + Family and the Word We Fear To Speak beBee 2016

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Lance 🐝 Scoular Sep 19, 2017 · #75

#71 Thanks for the shares @Cyndi wilkins. We can only try.

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Lance 🐝 Scoular Sep 19, 2017 · #74

#69 Thanks @Judy Olbrych 🍯

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Lance 🐝 Scoular Sep 19, 2017 · #72

#66 Much appreciated Ella. Welcone back.

🍯 to @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
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Cyndi wilkins Sep 18, 2017 · #71

Shared to beBee, LI and Twitter...Thank you for this Lance...You may have saved a life today;-)

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Cyndi wilkins Sep 18, 2017 · #70

This is priceless @Lance 🐝 Scoular;-)

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Judy Olbrych Sep 17, 2017 · #69

The video is clear and practical. Thanks for the tag, @Lance 🐝 Scoular. Even when caring comes naturally, knowing what to say in a difficult or emotional situation does NOT always come naturally or easily. Having basic guidelines and responses is simple but powerful. So is listening. Thank you for putting this out there. I'll be sharing.

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Judy Olbrych Sep 17, 2017 · #68

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Lisa Gallagher Sep 16, 2017 · #67

#66 Nice to see you on beBee again @Ella de Jong!

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