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Social Media Cross-Pollination Enhanced with beBee

Social Media Cross-Pollination Enhanced with beBee

Note: beBee is a mobile first platform – this post is optimised for smart phones used in vertical (Portrait) mode.

So what is Social Media Cross-Pollination?

Let’s start firstly with something we may be familiar with, bees and cross-pollination:



1. (Botany) the transfer of pollen from the anthers of one flower to the stigma of another flower by the action of wind, insects, etc. (here read bees)

2. Influence or inspiration between or among diverse elements: "Jazz is fundamentally the cross-pollination of individual musicians playing together and against each other in small groups" (Ralph de Toledano).

Social Media Cross-Pollination

The digital cross referencing from one online asset to your other online assets and your content (pollen) transmitted via each asset to its respective audience.

Those online assets can be websites, blogs or any of your various social media platforms.

Having been introduced in late 2008 to Facebook and LinkedIn by a number of my Import Export Course students and to Twitter by a social media practitioner at an Austrade (Australian Trade Commission) conference, I commenced my social media journey in earnest 29th December 2008.

Within a few weeks I had deduced that Facebook was the largest social platform, even at that stage, LinkedIn was going to be important from a business perspective, and Twitter was a platform where you could grow your follower base the fastest due to the fact that you did not have to send or receive invitations to follow or be followed.

With further testing and trial and error, I determined I could build my LinkedIn business network by suggesting that people from Twitter friend me at Facebook and send me an invitation to connect with me at LinkedIn.

I did this by sending a Twitter DM (Direct Message) with links to my Facebook and LinkedIn.

Social Media Triangulation the Power of 3

In April 2009 I was asked to write an article for Dynamic Business, Social Media Marketing – an alternative strategy in tough times , and in it I described interconnecting Twitter,Facebook and LinkedIn as Social Media Triangulation with the concept of triangulation used in navigation.

Later on, it became evident that cross-pollination was a more apt description as, over time, I looked at other social platforms such as YouTube, Googly Plus, LinkedIn Pinterest, Instagram and Periscope.

With a strategy of specialising in providing services to professionals and small business owners, I narrowed down the platforms I worked with for those clients to:

Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Picture a bee, flying from one flower to another and on to another and another.

It becomes obvious that:

cross-pollination in social, works better with some platforms

and not so well with others

In 2016 added two other platforms to my own social media quiver:

In April 2016 Snapchat the mobile only app designed for vertical viewing

and in July 2017 beBee, the mobile first Affinity Social Network.

Each of these platforms that I have concentrated on, have their pros and cons depending on your particular strategy and your audience.

Let’s look at the Cross-Pollination Structure of Some Platforms


Significant cross-pollination

Although Facebook is the big daddy of social media, I have used it sparingly over the last few years and concentrated on the other platforms detailed below.

However, Facebook does provide the display of multiple links in the About page.


Reasonable cross-pollination

It is worth noting that over 80% of the connections I have on LinkedIn, came from my Twitter sites utilising the Twitter Direct Message (DM) suggestion that they “join me at LinkedIn.“

LinkedIn Contact Info has the capacity to have multiple Twitter links but that can cause issues with the automatic inclusion of your Twitter handle in the Twitter sharing function of your LinkedIn long form posts.

That’s why I use my Twitter handle @LanceScoular there.

Also, you can only insert up to 3 websites in the LinkedIn Contact Info.


Limited cross-pollination

The Bio Link in my  Twitter handle has been until recently been to my LinkedIn profile.

I have changed that now to beBee. This in addition the (DM) message that a Twitter follower receives from my Twitter handle to join me at LinkedIn has now changed to: “join me at beBee.“


Significant cross-pollination

Google Plus – G+

Significant cross-pollination

beBee Profile Page

Excellent cross-pollination

beBee for Successful Personal Branding.

Affinity Networking


be Personal

be Successful

Mobile First

beBee Producer Page – Long Form Posts or Articles

Reasonable cross-pollination

beBee Share Function

Reasonable cross-pollination

If sharing with the Twitter function from beBee, the Tweet will include your Twitter handle, IF you have set up your Twitter URL in your beBee profile Page.


No cross-pollination!

It is almost impossible to find people on Snapchat in Snapchat except via your contacts list in your phone address book.

There are Snapchat directories popping up and the one I use is Ghostcodes.


Reasonable cross-pollination – Limited

You can list a Bio similar to Twitter and links to the following platforms:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Periscope.

CARDSITE Digital Business Card

Significant cross-pollination

My digital business card with embedded YouTube video can be sent by SMS message from my phone, emailed or listed on websites or social media links such as beBee.

The YouTube video produced for my CARDSITE

has been text optimized in the text are below the video with the link to my CARDSITE, brief details about CARDSITE and my contact details as well as a list of cross-pollination links.

That’s my take on Social Media Cross-Pollination

The more options you provide people to connect with you via the social platforms you use, the more potential engagement.

What about you?

Do you have any insights or suggestions?

Are you new to beBee? A visitor perhaps?

It’s a very friendly community, with many advantages and increasing functionality.

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