About me

About me

Ago I made a decision to replace our old chandeliers myself. I don't like them anymore. And definitely, if I was assisted, the result might be much quicker.

 At a rather intriguing exhibition. You will find works by the most well-known modern designers. Apart from props, at the exhibition there are other terrific items to create coziness. By way of example, fireplaces. What could be more cozy?

  Not too long Alternative. The stripes are quite laconic, yet economical and discreet My studies, I started working part time in a light shop. There was an interesting range of lamps; you may even locate designer and vintage lamps. By way of example, something which looked absolutely fabulous, or vice versa. Wildly contemporary. Being someplace in a public place, particularly in a costly restaurant or hotel, I can't discount their light. It is hard to imagine, yet this moment is essential for practically any design. Overflowing with attention, I began to examine a lot, visit exhibitions and thus gain experience. That's how it turned from my customary work into my favourite business.

  Life, I am married, a mother of 2 children. We are living in a big house in town. Our family has enjoyed the country life here for many years. There are a good deal of benefits for us, however, particularly important is the chance for kids to walk in their yard, make something out of wood and sticks in the countryside (parents may leave at least for a brief while without worry for their safety). Once we lived within the town limits, but proceeded. And since then we've not regretted it. I typically work on our site, every day that I come up with a new design strategy to make things much better and much more comfortable. At precisely the same time, I'm a supervisor at the online shop https://divine-light.ru , where I assist customers find the perfect lighting solutions.

   In normal Once, I had been Studying new products and other fascinating things, I eventually found my perfect Hi! My name is Larissa. I'm 30 years old. By education, I am a designer. I studied at the Moscow State Institute of Culture in the direction of"Layout". The university was my very first step in my further creative action. As a result of the knowledge and skills acquired during my research, it's significantly simpler for me to put myself into the company that I am doing today.