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4 Steps to Creating a Brand Out of Thin Air

Whether you're creating a brand for yourself or for a company, the primary goal is usually to portray a positive, reputable, and professional image while also helping others recognize your craft and contributions to the industry or community. Measures that can be taken to improve your personal branding can also be used in the corporate space to assist in better company branding. With that said, anyone can establish a formidable brand from scratch by simply following the four basic steps below:

4 Steps to Creating a Brand Out of Thin Air

1. Address Printing and Posting

First and foremost, since a brand is essentially the public face of a person or business, you'll want to cover your bases in terms of how you're going to design, print, and distribute the material. This step will include the development of labeling and signage, which are essential components of any branding campaign. Brands that need to label products should consider working with a producer of digital labels to achieve a custom result at a wholesale price. Likewise, finding sites, blogs, and forums that will allow you to post and share branded content is an equally important step in your preliminary research.

2. Bring in the Creatives

After you've decided on the printing and online publishing methods you're going to start with, you'll need to invent the substance that backs your brand. This will involve producing logos, slogans, product packaging, blog posts, infographics, and other branded material that will become a desirable visual representation of the brand as a whole. If you're not experienced with graphic design, copywriting, slogan development, and the slew of other skills required to complete this step optimally, then it would be wise to bring in some external creative help in the form of freelancers and/or marketing agencies.

3. Create a Social Media and Search Engine Presence

Once you have an influx of branded material coming in and going out, you'll then need to consider the collective authority of your online real estate. Your “internet property portfolio” is comprised of not only your official website and social networking profiles but also any page or article that mentions your brand. Thus, one of the best ways to organically recruit brand advocates is to start by ensuring you're offering something genuinely commendable, to begin with, even if your brand only serves as an informational resource without any actual products or services to promote.

4. Promote Brand Awareness Online and Offline

Finally, with most of the core work out of the way, all that's left to do is promote the brand itself. Obviously, if nobody knows about it then it won't be much of a brand at all. Fortunately, there are plenty of low-cost yet effective ways to introduce your site or brand to thousands of people in the span of just a few weeks. The best methods to start with include guest authoring (posting branded content on relevant popular sites), starting a YouTube channel and launching a frequently updated blog or forum.

The Inevitably of Establishing a Successful Brand

In conclusion, if the steps above are used as an outline and all of the aspects mentioned herein are thoroughly addressed, it's safe to say that anyone will eventually achieve at least a marginal level of success. From there, it's just a matter of scaling up your efforts and investments to multiply and improve upon your initial results.