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Freedom of the press in Palestine: skies are darkening or not?

Restraint of freedom of the press around the world hits a record high. It was concluded by the organization ''Reporters Without Borders'' with the headquarter in Paris, France. According to the annual rating, that contains 180 countries, the level of freedom of speech in Europe changed for the worse last year.

The situation is not performing well in terms of press freedom in North Korea, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, China, Palestine, and Uzbekistan.

Freedom of the press in Palestine: skies are darkening or not?

At the beginning of 2018, the Palestinian journalists were interviewed with respect to the freedom of the press. And the results were off-the-wall. 91% of journalists surveyed claimed that they underwent violation while doing their job.

Moreover, 89% of the pressmen said that they faced legal efforts that obstructed access to the necessary information (some VPN providers serve to bypass this problem, however, not all of them can cope with the task).

In this regard, the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) embarks upon performance improvement of press freedom in Palestine.

It was announced at the roundtable discussion in Ramallah. The participants of the meeting have maintained a focus on the definition and significance of the index. Apart from it, they have discussed the issues that would improve the freedom of the press in Palestine.

The participants of the roundtable discussion made a point of common rate to measure the press freedom in the country.

The experts believe that such measures will lead to the improvement of the situation in Palestine and its position in Freedom of press by country rating will change for the better.

The rating creators say that the freedom of the press in some countries (like Turkey and Russia) has downgraded to the level from 30 years ago. It is an alarming trend that is worsening year after year.

The policy of Palestine is a good example of how the situation should be changed.