Larissa James in Back office Jan 17, 2018 · 1 min read · ~100

How to Create a Dedicated Employee Break Room in Your Office

Owning your own company can be the most rewarding job out there. When you own your own company, you get to set the direction, you call the shots, and you really decide where the company will go. However, as a business owner, you will be relying heavily on your staff to get the job done, which means you want to keep them happy. Constant turnover, or not having the properly skilled people in positions can lead to disaster for the company.

How to Create a Dedicated Employee Break Room in Your Office

One big incentive for employees is to show them how much they are valued in a company. This can be done by offering a dedicated employee break room, which allows them to get away from their desk and take that much-needed break.

If you’re in the middle of designing the break room space and you’re unsure of what it needs to include, here are some tips you can keep in mind.

Start with Food and Beverages

The first place you'll want to start with is providing your employees with food and beverages. This usually includes some sort of water cooler, a coffee machine, and a kettle. While you can certainly offer more options in terms of beverages, this is the bare minimum you’ll want to offer.

No matter what food and drinks you do provide, make sure it is well-stocked at all times. There is nothing more frustrating to employees who go on a break, only to find the supplies have completely run dry. It's also nice to offer some basic snacks for employees. You can do this in the form of a vending machine, or if the budget allows, you can provide free snacks in a pantry.

Things such as dried fruits and nuts, energy or granola bars, and even gourmet treats like the caramel candies you can get from McCrea's are a really nice treat.

Adequate Seating Room

One place that companies often go wrong with a break room is not providing enough seating. Keep in mind that if your employees are all on lunch at the same time, then you have to give them plenty of room to sit down and eat. Granted, not all of them will stay for lunch, but you don’t want them to have stayed at their desk or stand simply because there is a lack of seating.

Make Sure There is a Door to the Room

Another tip is to make sure the room has a door so that it can be closed when things get a bit loud in there. This will help prevent others from being distracted. You also don’t want the break room noise carrying out into the main working area if employees are in meetings or on phone calls with clients/customers.

Add Personality to the Room

Finally, it doesn’t hurt to give the break room its own personality making it fun and inviting. You can liven it up with paint, some inviting furniture like a couch and armchair, and even a TV for entertainment.

Show Appreciation for Your Employees

Giving employees a dedicated and comfortable space where they can enjoy their breaks shows them just how much they are valued and appreciated in the company.