Some Of The Best Cryptocurrencies That Are Currently Functional

Some Of The Best Cryptocurrencies That Are Currently FunctionalThe advent of cryptocurrencies altogether salvaged the entire digital money scenario to a more stable and prominent position. Before the arrival of cryptocurrencies, the world has witnessed a lot of similar products which were failures until in 2009 Bitcoin came into the scene. 

Bitcoin was the first ever cryptocurrency of its type to offer hassle-free experience while transacting with digital money. It has its benefits and soon established itself as one of the most valuable trading currencies available. Till date, Bitcoin remains the most widely used and by far the most advanced cryptocurrency ever. 

But with the passage of time innovation doesn't seem to bother any limitations and thus a host of other cryptocurrencies came into the market. They all had their benefits and drawbacks but somehow still couldn't match the popularity and stability that Bitcoin has created. 

Today alongside Bitcoin, there are as much as 3000 other varieties of encrypted virtual money available in the leading market, including established names like Dogecoin to emerging names in tool market like Coinchefs.

This article will guide you to few of the most functional cryptocurrencies that are available in the market which you can consider trading alongside the best that is Bitcoin.

A Guide To Worlds Best Cryptocurrencies

As mentioned earlier the entire cryptocurrency industry is led by the former leader as the less today's leader Bitcoin. The market capitalization and user base of Bitcoin are by far way greater than the others.


The pioneer of cryptocurrencies in the world and still the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is undoubtedly the best to invest in. With the most significant current market capitalization of as much as $41 million, it has established itself as the best in class in the past eight years. 

Bitcoin has been extensively used across the globe, and till date, there hasn't been any claim of its weakness in operation. Bitcoin is flawless in both the ways as payment and as a stored value. Bitcoin is based on a governing Technology called blockchain which is the reason for its Decentralised approach.


Litecoin can be an alternative to the most popular Bitcoin. Litecoin achieved superiority where Bitcoin faces so-called issues. Although not as resilient as Ethereum, as its value is mostly a derivative from substantial user adoption. Litecoin has been Bitcoins closest competitor for a respectable period, 

and since 2017 it emerged as a real competitor to the Bitcoin due to its adoption to coin base along with ethereal and Bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin rose considerably, and this added up to its superiority.


Ether is a cryptocurrency, and ethereum platform creates its blockchain. Ether can be sent between accounts and can also be used to reduce participants mining loans for computations. It is an open source public blockchain and distributed operating system featuring scripting functionality.


Tezos can be taken as an alternative to ethereum, and it can be upgraded easily too. Tezos is a blockchain that is decentralized and is self-governing. It uses a mathematical Technology called formal verification and also boasts of security enhancing features for the most financially heavy and sensitive smart contract. It has a future.


It is very hard to predict which is going to be the parallel of Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency market. Only time will answer.