"We Wear Because We Care"

"Our masks protect you and your family from us. Your masks protect our family from you."

We need for you to protect our family and I’m betting you need me to protect yours. When we think of it this way, a slight discomfort or inconvenience is worth it.

For us, wearing a mask has become easier when we began doing it out of caring for others and love for our own family. We are proud that our family has chosen to wear masks also. Every day it has become more important. All of us can save lives together… Thank you for caring.

Because WE care, we are giving away templates and website banners for public and corporate use. 

Examples of the social media templates are pictured below. 

"We Wear Because We Care"Our graphics guy created free this along with three (3) sizes to insert a picture and three (3) website templates. You don't need to sign up or capture either, we do like the softer approach.

No personal information is gathered and it takes under a minute to put a picture on the template.  Then they can be shared directly from our site with just a click.

Please join with our efforts and help stop the spread of COVID-19 with a caring approach to mask wearing. 

We hope you’ll choose to spread the word and utilize our templates to do so. 

Visit our website to learn more:  https://homesforsale.vegas/We-Wear/