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5 Major (Cultural) Keys to Remember when Working in Spain

Congrats! Not only are you living in Spain, but you're also gainfully employed! Ay! We made it! Now you're faced with the new, and exciting (even daunting) task of maneuvering through a new work environment, in a new country, a new city, in a different language with people you don't know! Challenge (reluctantly) accepted? Although many things are universal, each culture has its own eccentricities that one may not be aware of. Of course trial and error is essential when talking about personal growth; however, it can be a bit more of a hinderance to professional growth. You could stumble through a dark room and hope for the best or you can keep reading and learn from my mistakes! 

5 Major (Cultural) Keys to Remember when Working in Spain

Yawn not, Friends 

Feeling a bit sleepy? Yawning audibly and also stretching during class, or meetings is seen as a big "no-no." I know, it seems obvious, but even when I yawn silently, while covering my mouth , I've had employers ask questions like "late night?" or "are you bored?" Naturally, it's just my body replenishing its oxygen, but no need to pick fights.