Styling Tips for Men: Secrets for Style Success

Styling Tips for Men: Secrets for Style Success

Once again we are approaching that time of year when we are shopping around for something great to wear, but before you contemplate stepping out onto the street, bear the following pointers in mind:

1. Be clear about the image you want to portray. Who are you? What is your lifestyle? What makes you feel comfortable but confident at the same time? Remember, it’s confidence that makes a man appealing and sexy.

2. Make a shopping list. Most of us make shopping lists when we go to the supermarket, so what’s stopping us from doing the same when we go clothes shopping?

3. Avoid taking your mother, girlfriend, or lover shopping with you. You might end up wearing the colours that look great on them. Women have make-up to compensate for wearing the wrong colours, what have you got to suck the life back into you?

Colour is the only weapon you have to enliven your skin’s natural vitality.

4. What are the colours that really suit you? The good news is that we all have a few items in our wardrobe that really makes us look our best – whether this is a conscious effort or not. So look through your cupboard and YES, try things on in NATURAL daylight, and see for yourself which colours suit you best. Learn to be confident in your judgements. Avoid thinking “Blue really looks good on me!”

Blue looks good on almost everybody. Think about the TONE of the colour – do you look good in bright, or soft and muted, tones?

5. Think about how your body is put together. Very few people have perfectly-proportioned bodies. Have you short legs? Long legs? A short neck? A long torso? A round face? Think of wrapping a Christmas present. You wouldn’t wrap a round object in thick, stiff paper (or maybe YOU would), instead you would wrap it in soft paper that takes the shape of the object. It’s the same process when you are choosing clothes. If you are heavily-built, you don’t want to buy a chunky jumper with a lot of detailing. If you have a round face, you don’t want to accentuate it even more by wearing round-shaped glasses.

6. Don’t go out as if you’ve just got out of bed. First of all, good grooming gives you confidence, which includes making the right choices when you are spending money. You have to already look your best before you try something on.

7. Shoes – they are one of the first things women notice. Look after them, polish them often and buy good, quality shoes. What is the point of wearing an elegant suit with cheap-looking shoes?

A lot of men think that spending time on themselves is vain and not a cool thing to do. We ALL deserve to spend time on ourselves, whether it be getting a manicure, thinking about which skincare products to use, or trying on hundreds of clothes until we understand which type of clothes suit us.

Remember, your outward appearance reflects who you are within. A well-groomed outward appearance can also make you change the way you feel about yourself and everybody around you. Making the right choices requires thought and knowledge about who you are and how you want to be perceived.

Laura Ceccherini 29/11/2016 · #1

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