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The Truth About Andromeda Valli

The Truth About Andromeda Valli

I met Andromeda Valli about two weeks ago. On the two occasions that I saw this successful, stylish and accomplished PR executive, she was simply, yet stylishly dressed. On our last encounter, she wore a pair of black jeans that complemented her tall, leggy stature, a loose-fitting navy blue shirt that highlighted her flawless porcelain skin, a pair of sexy Manolo Blahnik heels, a designer handbag and diamond-stud earrings. Simple yet Stylish. Whilst sipping our Martini’s in Belgravia, she asked me whether I would help her with her wardrobe.

A few days later, I found myself standing before Andromeda’s wardrobe. Despite her confident, bubbly and dynamic personality, I came to understand that a lot of her wardrobe consisted of styles that were based on the preferences and dictates of the people around her. She related her shopping habits - she would organise a trip to Paris every month where a large portion of her clothes would be purchased at her friend’s boutique on the Champs Elysées. An image formed in my head of this beautiful woman entering the boutique and being transported to another realm, soft music playing in the background, free-flowing champagne sipped in Baccarat crystal champagne flutes and her designer friends circling around her waving different clothing styles and colours that screamed eternal wardrobe bliss and ecstasy. We all know ecstasy is a short-lived experience. Reality soon takes over.

Indeed, her wardrobe was a mismatch of colours and styles. Our goal was not only to suss out her personal style but also to create as many outfits as possible with the wardrobe that she already had. Instead, what I found in Andromeda’s wardrobe were tones of colours that were difficult to mix and match; Andromeda suited bright, deep, cool tones yet most of her wardrobe consisted of warm, muted colours - browns, and beiges, a light camel cashmere coat, a metallic brown taffeta skirt, as well as warm, bright colours - a mango-coloured silk top, a warm pink cashmere jumper, a bright yellow wool poncho, a lime green leather jacket. All fantastic hues……. for a person with a warm skin tone.

On the other hand, if colours did marry well with her complexion, the styles did not always suit her body type. Certain items in Andromeda’s wardrobe, however - those bright, deep, cool tones - a fuchsia-coloured dress, a blood red jumper, an emerald-coloured jacket, -