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Tales of Gratefulness - 1

How we think determines how we feel physically and emotionally, how we feel determines how our bodies move - either freely or without ease. 

Freedom of thought is a precious gift that is often squandered. 

Something happens, we react to that event, often with frustration or anger, and tension builds in our bodies. We feel justified in our negativity and begin to spread it by telling others about what happened from the perspective of our anger and frustration - reliving it, fueling it and passing it on to whoever we are talking to at the moment. We begin to rehearse this 'telling of the wrong done to us' until it becomes a mini script. Repeating activates memories in our body of our original reactions.

But what if - we choose do to stop this recitation?

It doesn't mean that the something didn't happen or that we didn't feel frustrated or angry in the moment. But we have the power to think, and we can choose how we think. We can step back from the event, we can exhale through the tension and frustration. We can notice that we want to feel angry, we want to vent, and we can choose not to do this. We can just see what happens when we make the choices not to vent and to let the frustration go. 

We can always return to the negative script at any time.

It's a series of experiments. 

  • Ask: What happens if... I walk away from this tension? See how your body feels, see what your mind wants to do when you give it an open path into the unknown instead of following the well-worn road of counting wrongs.
  • Ask: What happens if... I turn around and pick up my habit of complaining and ranting? See how your body feels when you move back into this familiar mental and verbal pattern. 

Listen to your body.

It will tell you whether you thoughts are leading you in a direction of ease or dis-ease. 

I am grateful to all my teachers who have helped me realize that I can choose which road I will travel.Tales of Gratefulness - 1

Laura Donnelly 24/3/2017 · #19

#17 Thank you Lisa, these techniques are very helpful for working with children - the sooner we stop laying down negative thought tracks the better. However, every moment we chose to notice how we are thinking we have the opportunity to change the direction of our thoughts. It is a moment by moment practice. Best of luck to you on your journey.

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Mohammed A. Jawad 21/3/2017 · #18

Aha...This post beckons our inward chambers to have a glimpse of truthful insights.

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Lisa Gallagher 21/3/2017 · #17

It is important to listen to our bodies but sometimes the brain does not want to cooperate no matter how hard one tries. I think these are vital tools to utlize with young children. Maybe if they learn to practice these skills when they are young, their coping skills will be so much better than someone of my age. I'm still working on a lot of this. Some days it works great, others not so much. But, I'm a work in progress and I do believe we are capable of change no matter what age... it can just take so much longer when our brains were programmed in a certain way and we reacted to that programming for years, if that makes sense? Great peice!

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Savvy Raj 21/3/2017 · #16

The power of choice rests with us .... Choose wisely. A beautiful post by Laura .

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Loooks good Laura / #9

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🐝 Fatima G. Williams 16/3/2017 · #14

#12 The tag is pretty tricky as theres a Bee symbol in between. Try tagging with last names it works most if the time and you would be able to tag a person only if your following them. Have a great day

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Laura Donnelly 16/3/2017 · #13

#2 Thank you @David B Grinberg - I appreciate the shares. I'm learning more each day about how to move around in bebee and connect - I feel I have a way to go. Thanks for supporting my journey!

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Laura Donnelly 16/3/2017 · #12

#3 Thank you for the welcome @Fatima Williams - still figuring things out as your name didn't highlight here with the @? I'm looking forward to visiting more hives and making new friends!

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