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What Will You Write Today?

What Will You Write Today?

Dawn is beginning to break here. I can see a tiny shed of light trying to peek in from the curtains that have been drawn since evening. I hear the slight snoring of my love in the distance. He must have fallen asleep on the couch last night; although he would tell you it's because I had the "chainsaw" going and so he opted for peace on the couch. Maybe so. 

Nestled next to me is our faithful golden retriever. Clearly our bed is more comfortable than his dog bed as demonstrated by his peaceful slumber and unabashed likeness for being with his human. And here I am. Wide awake.

Thoughts began stirring in my head as I lay in the darkness, not able to fall asleep again after having got up initially. It's a brisk morning here in New England. The kind where I put on my favorite leggings and fleecy sweatshirt and pour myself a hot cup of coffee in my favorite mug. Then, carefully caressing my hands around it so that it's warmth spreads throughout my waking bones, I take that first sip that awakens my senses and gives a jump start to the day. 

These are my favorite mornings when I can just be. In the quiet stillness where my peeps aren't stirring yet and I can think. It's here where my thoughts can wander, explore and discover. 

I am grateful to have woken to another day. My thoughts are of capturing the sunshine today, raking leaves with my love, watching Henley explore his domain, and later, dinner with dear friends. Not for any special reason other than to break bread, laugh and enjoy the simplicity and treasures of each moment. And these moments- even the quiet ones are indeed treasures.

I left work feeling a bit blue last night. But a good night's sleep and a reminder that I am more than what's there re-fueled me and propelled me toward today. It's always a mystery to me how the sanctity of silence can bring me an inner peace; even if only momentarily. 

As my thoughts began to swirl this morning, I grabbed my phone so that I could capture them and not let them slip away. I didn't want the illumination of the fire flies in my mind to fly away this time. I needed their light and I think they needed me. And so here I am, releasing them into the wild. 

I needed these moments to wake up, to let yesterday be yesterday, and today be today. It's often in these early morning hours that my thoughts encompass so much. I, however, am not usually that great at embracing them. Today is a different story. 

Perhaps because it is Saturday and I can relax, enjoy and just be. Or perhaps it is because I am finally embracing my desire to write. This past week has left me overwhelmed with emotion. I bared a part of my soul and what I got in return made my heart so happy and left me speechless more than once. To know that my words touched someone and left an imprint on them. Wow. That's a pretty damn amazing feeling. Indescribable at the moment but one that has definitely moved me. 

And so here I am on this mid-October morning listening to my husband snore from his quiet solitude of the living room and fighting for space with my 70 lb canine child; who, mind you, is clearly quite content to be spread out and passed out on his human's bed. I am that pet parent and I am okay with it. 

Without warning, there are tears escaping my eyes as I continue to write this post on my smart phone. The tears aren't because of my husband's snoring or Henley's slumber. Well, maybe they are. They are reminders after all. Reminders of the little things and the things that give us purpose. 

And so on this morning where sentiment has taken over, I am again reminded in the tranquility of the day, that I am blessed. Blessed with little things that make my heart big and my insides smile. Blessed with family and friends and moments each day. All important reminders to keep going, to keep being, and to keep writing. All important reminders that with each chapter - no matter how good or not good it may be - each dawning day is an opportunity to write a new one.

With my outlook and reminders in tow, it is time to seize today and whatever it brings. So I am going to get up, wake up my loves, have a cup of coffee and continue contributing to today's chapter in my life. How about you? What will you write today? 

What Will You Write Today?Writing from the heart...always. 

Meet me here or meet me in the conversation in the comments. Read, share, like or simply be. I'm just glad you stopped by. 

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vedant yadav 29/11/2018 · #15

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Laura Mikolaitis 21/10/2016 · #14

#13 Feel better @Donna-Luisa Eversley and sending warm and healing thoughts your way. Your last line is so perfect: "Can't write about the sorrow without sharing the joy...we improve as we take risks with life and writing." How true. Feeling a bit of that today as gloominess sets in here in New England. It will just make us appreciate the sunshine and blue sky more when it rears its head again.

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Donna-Luisa Eversley 20/10/2016 · #13

#10 @Laura Mikolaitis , I'm hoping to write and bee social 😊...been a bit of adjusting, cause I'm entering into so new medical's got me on slow and I'm a cry baby with pain. Can't write about the sorrow without sharing the joy...we improve as we take risks with life and writing.

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Laura Mikolaitis 18/10/2016 · #12

@Aaron Skogen, I don't know how I managed to compose via smart phone and sans coffee either. I guess I just went with the moment. Strike while the iron is hot, right?

Thank you for your comments. I try to embrace the journey, but I don't always succeed and some days it's a struggle to find the sunshine in the darkness. I'm sure that when the time is right, you'll capture your swirling words and present us with another slice of your chapters in life. I can understand the difficulty in focusing, I've been there too. One step, one minute at a time my friend. Here's to capturing the moments when we can and finding that sunshine when we need it the most.

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Aaron 🐝 Skogen 17/10/2016 · #11

#10 Thanks for the heads-up @Laura Mikolaitis. I dont know how the heck you did this on a smart phone and BEFORE having any coffee. . .

This is a wonderful capture of those little moments in life that remind us of where we are, where we have been, where we are going. You embrace that journey, and I admire you for it. I don't know what I will write today. There are many things swirling, yet focus is difficult lately. If nothing more makes it to the page today, and this is it, well, thats OK too as it was time well spent.

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Laura Mikolaitis 17/10/2016 · #10

@Donna-Luisa Eversley, @Lisa Gallagher, @Aaron case you missed it. What will you write today? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Sushmita Jain 17/10/2016 · #9

#7 @Laura Mikolaitis it's good to hear you had a lovely Saturday, I had too! Let's be connected and hope to hear your views for my posts. Let's keep buzzing :)

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Laura Mikolaitis 17/10/2016 · #8

#4 @Deb Helfrich, what wonderful comments. Thank you! My smart phone was the closest device and so I went for it. Honestly, I was glad that it was close by so that I could capture my thoughts. This post flowed so easily and I was shocked I wrote it in such a short time span. I guess when it feels right go with it. Maybe I need to embrace that feeling more often. I'm so happy you were able to enjoy this on two consecutive mornings - and even happier that you shared with me here in the comments. I didn't always embrace the days, but I'm learning more and more to just breathe and take it in. I still have miles to go but I'm making progress. Plus, I'm finding that writing really helps and I need to be more diligent about letting the words out. Thanks for stopping by Deb and wishing you a good day ahead!

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