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Blockchain Casino

Welcome to Blockchain Casino Games which is a free online resource for finding the latest smart contract-based game casinos and decentralized betting platforms. You will get instant access to new ETH based gaming platforms along with special crypto promotions and free token coin giveaways. Our team has conducted an extensive test on all the sites listed so that you can have a safe and amazing experience playing at cryptocurrency gambling platform online during 2020

                             Blockchain Casino

Blockchain Casino

ProperSix will reinvent the Gambling Industry by introducing a platform that provides a mixture of provably fair, live croupier, automated and virtual games, along with a ProperSix Token which is used on the platform. ProperSix decentralized blockchain technology with its immutable chain-code, along with cryptography provides clients with full control over their capital and an all-time fair, trusting and honest environment. ProperSix exists on different platforms, our casino is just one of them, the ProperSix casino is linked to our exchange, accepting our token, the Pro6 Coin, and all major cryptocurrencies including FIAT, when clients register with the ProperSix casino, they receive a personal wallet number and access to purchase tokens to use in the casino.


Furthermore, a separate exchange service allows clients to cash-out or make new deposits

One of the biggest issues with existing online casinos is the issue of trust. Many of the online casinos are hiding data, such as winnings and other financial specifics. The ProperSix casino is an exceptional, completely decentralized casino using the latest blockchain technology, offering the client´s full transparency. Successful casinos have always streamed a live dealer, ProperSix casino offers a live-game gaming machine, that delivers the random numbers and the player can physically review it. Another aspect of online casinos with room for improvements are transactions. With large transaction fees and delays in accessing funds, clients are often left disappointed.

Crypto Casino

ProperSix has found a solution to these problems! By providing a fixed, disclosed fee regardless of the amount, our clients can rest assured their capital is safe, ProperSix also has a maximum time limit of 16 hours for transaction completion.

ProperSix casinos will be accessible on all mobile devices through download applications. Players can also access all casino games on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers as well as tablets and interactive TV. The ProperSix online casino is available to players all over the world. We also offer clients a free trial period. This allows players to try their luck before they decide to play with tokens or FIAT.

Clients access these trial games through the demo mode icon on the ProperSix homepage, even as an experienced online casino player you have the option to enjoy our games without playing with currency, all our clients can request a cooling-off period, during this time only Play for Fun slots will be available on the client's account. There are thousands of different slot sites available to players, finding the best can be a challenge, below you will find a list of our top online games to guide you through their different fixtures and fittings.

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