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Blockchain Trading Echange

The ProperSix Exchange is going to rival many others, in my humble opinion. The production and development of this exchange is far from any other currently available for a trader to use. One of the most popular has been Binance, but even they have had some questionable moments, especially the withdraw fees charged to the end user. Higher fees have a habit of taking your profits even lower. These days, what should a user really expect in a quality crypto exchange? Remember that an exchange is a fancy website that offers multiple features allowing a user to buy, sell or exchange their personal crypto for either another token/coin or fiat currency, being EURO or USD. This is where one would expect to find a day trader working hours away trying to ensure a profit against the market. The platform, with great tools, offers a treading advantage to those that use it. Checking out YouTube, a few videos of the ProperSix exchange are listed so you can get an up close view of the newest option for crypto trading!

Blockchain Trading Echange

As mentioned before with the ProperSix Casino, be prepared to give the exchange a copy of your photo ID and required legal paperwork in order to sign up. The security of this platform will be top notch, and you can read up on that in another article I posted entitled “ProperSix Storage & Security Solutions”. The model of this trading platform is very similar to other models, where as the exchange acts as a third party to allow a buyer and seller of a particular crypto to agree, then exchange at a set price. The ProperSix exchange will take a small fee as they are hosting the transaction and creating the virtual market place. ProperSix seems to be fair in comparison to many others with fee prices.

Currently the only visible tokens listed on the exchange are BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP and the Pro6 Token. Paring questions may arise, but I can’t imagine the team isn’t prepared to release a greater amount of options. The goal is to grow, so let us stand by and wait for a list! It will be expected that ProperSix offers diversity, creating a market place that offers ease of use and liquidity. Liquidity is a fundamental aspect to the future of this project and the release of a security token in late 2020. Reflection of greater liquidity shows the market place (exchange) has a high number of active sellers and buyers.

One noticeable difference about a great exchange compared to a lesser one, is the quality of customer support. I have had to use the customer support option a couple of times now regarding a few topics. Each time the team was very prompt in returning a response to me, and always willing to guide me through the process if needed. This was a key aspect that stood out from the beginning. Time will tell the success of this platform, but it seems that many elements are lining up for a fantastic crypto exchange that wants to stay around in the space.