Leckey Harrison en Invisible Illnesses: Traumatology, Lifestyle, Healthcare Resilience Instructor • Raise Your Resilience, LLC 10/11/2016 · 1 min de lectura · +400

The time is now

The time is nowLast night we saw an election based on trauma. Trauma is the root of most of our personal and societal problems. That makes us a nation of hurt people. And hurt people hurt people. They are reactionary, not responsive. They are afraid, not free. They are not creative, open, or flexible. And they exist with every political party label. We who work with traumatized people, who have been traumatized people, get that.

When Raise Your Resilience LLC was formed a few years ago, we came to see that helping people release their stress and heal their trauma was just the beginning. We know that healed peopled can create a better society. A society with equal justice, meaningful relationships, and purpose. A society where people aren't afraid of being who they are, where there is