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Moving Tips & Tricks from a professional organizer

Moving Tips & Tricks from a professional organizer

Relocating from one place to another can be quiet daunting if you are not well prepared for it. If you are well organized with a to-do-list and avoid some moving inconsistencies and plan earlier, then you will enjoy moving & happily settle at a new place.

The choice is you’re whether you want to move by yourself or hire a professional moving company. Hiring an expert can make your work easy but by taking care of some common things initially can help you to make your move stress free. 

Here are simple things which you can consider before moving and to enjoy your relocation.

1. Preparing a moving checklist and rough estimate: 

Initially create a moving checklist that includes the prerequisites, rough time required to relocate from your current place to new place and approximate budget that would be required.

If you are in dilemma about your plans then simply print out your checklist & start analyzing practically how much you can manage in the decided time frame.

2. Deciding what to carry & what not to:

You need to be aware of what you exactly need after moving to a new place. There might be a lot of stuff which you do not need, you can either discard them or reduce your belongings by making a list of what to take & what not to take while moving to a new place.

3. Purchase necessary Stationary for Moving & Packing:

You can consider buying professional packing material like cardboard boxes, wrapping papers, tapes, scissors, markers or sketch pens; sticky notes for labeling and centralized folder where you can keep important documents & notes of location specifications where you have placed your valuables.

4. Ensuring Insurance of your belongings: 

Before moving you should make sure you have taken insurance of all your important belongings so in case of any physical damage or breakage it covers your loss. If you have hired a moving company then they cover insurance of all your belongings totally or partially, do take confirmation on the same.

5. Packing Furniture before Moving:

There is a wide range of furniture in-home from closets, wardrobe, beds, tables & mirrors which need to be handled very carefully. These outlets can be disassembled to reduce space and avoid damage while moving. Special bubble papers can be used to store delicate antique items safely. Blankets can be used to store wall mirrors & avoid any sort of damage. Cupboard doors should be locked & clothes can be removed with hangers, so they could be rearranged easily.

6. Wrapping Breakable items:

Pack your dishes with butcher papers around dish & pack them in a bundle of five or six. Put plenty of padding into it to avoid friction or jerks while moving & don’t leave any vacant spaces in box corners. Cups & Bowls can be wrapped together into one another & stored into the boxes, also make use of bubble papers above & the boxes below for padding.

7. Managing Electronic Equipment's:

Television sets, Music Systems, Computers and electronic gadgets can be wrapped in their respective boxes or wooden crates, so they can be easily carried. Also, a lot of electronic equipment can be disassembled and stored in boxes initially before moving. Provide proper padding to this equipment, so they can be manhandled easily. 

8. Arrangement of the boxes:

If you are loading the vehicle by yourself arrange boxes in proper chronological order, pack heavier boxes in front to maintain proper equilibrium or balance. Label each box with proper names on it, so your essentials can be easy to locate while unloading & moved in respective rooms accordingly. Do a couple of wraps with tapes to avoid any loopholes while wrapping the boxes.

9. Pack these items separately if you are carrying it:

Consider what items should be packed separately, what should be transported and what you should carry with yourself. Pack cleaning chemicals, batteries, paints separately with your belongings. Also, avoid any fire causing (flammable) items with your essentials.

10. Making use of home essentials for packing:

Make use of cotton bed sheets, pillows, cushions and soft toys for padding as they can be helpful to avoid any physical damage. You can make use of towels to wrap delicate items from breakage.

11. Securely Moving Pets & plants:

Move plant pots separately by yourself as these consume a lot of space & time while moving. Make sure that the pots are stored in wooden crates as they are easy to carry. Move your pets with yourself in cradles as they can panic during the transit & could be difficult to manage.

12. Hiring a perfect Removalist:

Selecting a moving company is very crucial for smooth hassle-free moving. Make Quote request to at least three removal companies & select the appropriate one among them. Before selecting a removalist, check what services do they cover, what are their estimated charges & how they charge you by hourly basis or any other factors. Does the company provide full insurance or partial insurance in case of physical damage? Does the moving company provide local moving, interstate moving and which suburbs do they cover? What special precautions they are taking, considering the pandemic situation for safe delivery.

We hope these moving tips will help you to move safely & stress free. If you have some great ideas or tips that we have missed here, we would love to hear from you in the comments below!